Laptop Maintenance

How to maintain your laptop?

Laptops are the most expensive gadgets which are designed with main motive of mobility. These are very delicate devices that need special care and handling because they are not very tough. They are not too good for being mishandled so proper care must be taken while working on them or while moving them from one place to another place. If you face the time of messing up with your laptop that means the time has come to loosen your pockets and spend lot of money for making even negligible of maintenance. If you own a laptop machine, than you must also have proper knowledge of its handling. You must learn how to take care for your Laptop which includes taking special care of your Laptop battery and how to keep it healthy.

  • Properly turn on and off Laptop

  • Properly cleaning the screen

  • Battery Care of Laptop

  • Regular Backup of Data

Properly turn on and off Laptop

One of the top laptop maintenance tips is that you should never try to turn off your Laptop by using power switch until and unless there is complete shut down of Windows®. You must keep in mind that if you try to do the forced turn off or on than it may result in loss of important data or files required by Windows®. This may lead you to difficult situation. So it is advised to let the Windows® shut down properly and then turn the Laptop off.

Properly cleaning the screen

As your Laptop is such an expensive gadget, you need to very careful while cleaning the screen of Laptop. Try to use only soft cloth which has no monograms on it as these imprints may cause scratches on the screen of Laptop. Don’t spray any cleaner directly on the screen. Instead, spray it on some soft cloth and then use it to clean the screen of Laptop. Do not use harsh sprays as they may turn the screen yellow.

Battery Care of Laptop

If you have just bought the Laptop then it is highly recommended to charge the batteries for at least 12 hours before the first usage. Do not leave your batteries unused for long intervals of time. Switch off the AC adapter if you are not using the Laptop as it prevents overcharging. In order to extend the life of battery you can select to decrease the LCD brightness while you are using your Laptop.

Regular Backup of Data

No body knows the time when Laptop disorder may lead to data corruption. It is better to stay on safe side by taking regular back ups of your data. There is also possibility of hard disk crash so it is good to take back up.

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