Tech Support for Laptop Repair

Get to know about some of the software issues that can come with your laptop

Laptop is a personal computer that is designed for mobile use and it is also very light. It has integrated components like display, keyboard, a touchpad, speakers and battery. The battery can be recharged with AC adapter which depends on its design and power management of the laptop. You might have installed a number of software on your laptop some of them work fine but some of the software can cause serious problems to your Laptop. Lots of software is available free on Internet and users install them without any problem.

Here you can find some of the issues caused by software on your laptop. You can also explore easy ways to resolve such problems.

  • Laptop start up is fine but asks for execution of backup disc

  • Laptop becomes slow for loading messengers, real player

  • Firewall blocking some websites access

Laptop start up is fine but asks for execution of backup disc

While installing operating system on your laptop some of the files that are missing in the set up may cause problem in future. In that case you need to reinstall the operating system on your laptop or you can simply click to do the partial scan and add the missing files from your Windows® CD.

Laptop becomes slow for loading messengers, real player

Sometimes you might have noticed that some of the applications take long time to start up. The root cause behind slow loading of applications can be some other application which is utilizing lot of memory resources. It is better to check the processes running by ALT+CTRL+DELETE. On clicking one window opens up known as Windows® Task Manager where you can check the various processes currently running on your laptop. From there you can end the process which is utilizing maximum memory. You can also end explorer.exe and then add new process explorer.exe. Do not forget to create new process of explorer.exe.

Firewall blocking some websites access

The purpose of firewall is to block the unauthorized content to enter to your network or laptop. But sometimes this firewall software may cause problem by not allowing you to access your basic websites. You can resolve this problem by adding exceptions to the firewall configuration. If you still face any problem then it is advised to remove and reinstall the firewall software.

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