Laptop Video Card

Get to know about the laptop video card.

A video card is also called as a video adapter, display adapter, or graphics card. The main function of a video card is to generate and processes the images for the display unit to display. There are also some other functions in some adapters. Those functions are video capture, TV-tuner, rendering of 3D, decoding, some of the cards have the facility to add multiple monitors, and other related graphical tasks. When a video card is specially manufactured for a laptop computer, then it is called a laptop video card. There are some motherboards, which has a built-in graphics adapter. However, these built-in card performances are comparatively slow.

Tips to get the best video card for your laptop. What is the need to upgrade laptop video card. All is discussed under the following headings.

  • Functions of a laptop graphics card

  • Different types of the laptop graphics card

  • Upgrading the laptop display adapter

Functions of a laptop graphics card

Like the desktop video cards, the laptop graphics card also used to generate and display images. There are some motherboards, which have the built-in display adapter. Usually they have a small amount of embedded memory; they use some of the main RAM. At this, the total performance becomes slower. Separate cards are used usually for faster performance. There are different types of video card for laptops, not all video cards will fit or perform in all laptops.

Different types of the laptop graphics card

NVIDIA® has different models of the graphics card. NVIDIA® has GeForce® 8000 series, GeForce® 7000 series, etc. 8000 series are compatible with DirectX®10 compatible, while the 7000 series is compatible with DirectX® 9. Many users choose the graphics card of NVIDIA® as the best. Higher embedded memory gives better performance. There is also external graphics card. Sabrent USB-DH88 is such a kind of graphics adapter. You can add an extra monitor easily. External cards have some limitations compared to the internal one.

Upgrading the laptop display adapter

Normally, only the RAM of a laptop computer can be upgraded easily; just by inserting or replacing the old on with a faster module. Upgrading the graphics card of a laptop is too complex; someone compares it to the open heart surgery of a human being. You have to collect the perfect video card, for this you can contact to the vendor. Before replacing a graphics card, you have to disassemble the laptop; you have to do it very carefully. Otherwise, the main board may be damaged. After replacing the card you will get better and faster performance from your laptop computer.

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