Laptop Not Connecting to The Internet

How to resolve the problem when your laptop is not connecting to Internet?

Laptops are designed for portability. They help users get their work done even on the move. Majority of all laptops come with excellent networking capabilities. There are no complicated procedures involved in setting up and using Internet on laptops. However, some users might face Internet related problems on their systems such as connection being very slow, connection getting terminated automatically, and laptop not connecting to Internet. The laptop not connecting to Internet means that users would not be able to do any network related tasks and also update the Operating System. When users try to connect their laptops to Internet, error messages might come up stating that the connection cannot be completed. There are many reasons as to why your laptop is not connecting to the Internet. These include malware infections within the system, problems with the Internet settings on the system, issues with the firewall, problems with the network card drivers installed etc.

Following details give users more information and tips to fix laptop not connecting to Internet:

  • Remove infections

  • Check settings

  • Verify drivers/connections

Remove infections

Malware infections are known to cause many issues with the working of computers. Malware such as Confickers have the capabilities to stop the Internet connection request in progress so that users would not be able to connect the system to Internet and obtain malware removal tools. Removing the infections using a good malware removal tool such as Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware would solve the issues and get the laptop connected.

Check settings

There are many Internet related settings on laptops such as, default IP address and access points. If these have not been configured properly, system would not connect to the Internet. All laptop users having system not connecting to Internet are suggested to check the Internet related settings on the system. It is also advisable that users check the settings of the firewall on the system and make sure the firewall is not blocking the system from connecting to the Internet.

Verify drivers/connections

Problems with the network card drivers can also cause system not connecting to Internet. Laptop users having system not connecting to Internet are recommended to verify the drivers on the system using the Device Manager. Users must also check whether the connections of the laptop and the network hardware (such as connecting cables) are secure. In case of wireless networks, laptop users would have to check the wireless drivers that are installed on the system.

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