Resolving Laptop Not Turning On Issue

How to resolve the problem of your laptop is not turning on?

Laptops are preferred over desktops for a number of reasons. Laptops provide users with the freedom to work from anywhere and the performance of laptops is just as good as a desktop. Problems can come up with the use of any computer and this includes laptops. As there are many different components in laptops, the chances of one of them malfunctioning are very high. Some of the common issues that might come up with the use of laptops include system freeze, shutdown problems, startup issues, application corruption and so on. Laptop not starting up is a common problem and the issue might be because of many reasons. These include problems with the power being supplied to the system, issues with the power related hardware, problems with some of the hardware components on the system, BIOS related problems, issues with the system memory etc. Laptop not turning on issue would make accessing the information on the hard disk impossible and the issue would mean that there would not be any lights or sounds suggesting the movement of internal components within the system.

Following details give users more information and tips to fix laptop not turning on issue:

  • Check power supply

  • Verify power components

  • Check system memory

Check power supply

All computers require power to startup and function. Power required for different models of laptops is different and if your laptop is supplied with incorrect amount of power, system would not startup. When users face the laptop not starting up issue are suggested to check the power source supplying power to the system. If the power supply is found faulty, changing the source to a good one would solve the issue and get the system started up.

Verify power components

Problems with the power related components on laptops can also cause system not starting up issue. Power related components on laptops include power cords, connecting pins etc. If the power related components are damaged, the system would not be able to get the right amount of power to startup and function. Users facing laptop not starting issue are advised to verify the power components on the system and if they are found damaged; they would have to be replaced to solve the issues.

Check system memory

Memory is one of the fundamental components on your laptop and problems with the memory can cause issues such as system not starting up. All laptop users experiencing system not starting up problem are suggested to access the memory on the system by removing the access panels and then check the memory for damage. If the memory sticks are found having dust accumulation, cleaning and then reinserting them would solve the issues.

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