Notebook Memory

Do you know how upgrading the memory of your notebook increases its performace?

The more compact version of the computer is the laptop or notebook computer. These are made in compact forms, in such a way that almost none of the parts except the RAM are replaceable. A notebook or laptop has almost the same performance as the desktop microcomputer. But, there are differences in the parts, as the parts of a laptop or notebook computer are more compact than the desktop parts. They differ mainly in prices. The price of a laptop or a notebook with the same performance of a desktop is almost two to three times higher than the desktop. Notebook memory generally means the physical memory of a notebook computer.

The benefit of upgrading the memory of notebooks and tips to select the best memory option are discussed under the following headings.

  • Differences between the desktop and the notebook memory

  • How to replace the notebook memory

  • Benefits of upgrading the notebook memory

Differences between the desktop and the notebook memory

Both are random access memory, main functions are same in both of the desktops or notebook computer. They are also similar to look at. The RAM of a notebook computer is SO-DIMM, which stands for “Small Outline Dual in Line Memory Module”. So, the memory module of a laptop and a desktop are different. One will not fit in another. There are options to upgrade the physical memory of some notebook or laptop computers. However, in such cases you have to be sure that the notebook is not using its maximum capacity.

How to replace the notebook memory

If you want to upgrade the notebook or laptop memory, you should be sure about that the computer has the capacity to use more memory. In most of the notebooks, this is the only component that can be upgraded. To replace the slower memory module, collect the higher capacity module and replace it, after opening its back cover or the specified cover to replace the RAM module. If there are blank memory slots in the computer, then just add a perfect kind of module. You should keep this in mind that the circuit design of the computer will not support more than its capacity. So, look at this matter when you buy a notebook computer.

Benefits of upgrading the notebook memory

You will get all the benefits that you get from a desktop computer after upgrading its physical memory. You will get faster performance from the computer. You will be able to open more programs at a time; hence, the multitasking facility will be improved. Higher versions of operating system and graphical software will run smoothly in your computer. If anyone likes to play games, then it will allow him to play games that are more powerful.

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