Notebook upgrade Hard drive

Notebook upgrade and the various steps to improve the capacity of your precious device

If you find that your laptop’s hard drive is starting to pile up, consider notebook upgrade. Like a desktop, one can take advantage of a notebook upgrade. To upgrade notebook, you can easily transfer your data, increase your notebook’s capacity and make it perform better! Before we start any kind of transfer, we need to check first the content of our system. What files can be deleted? What software can be removed? This analysis will make your notebook upgrade more efficient and saves some spaces for more important future uses.

  • Clean up your system

  • Get a new hard drive

  • Get a cloning tool

  • Install the new hard drive

Clean up your system

The first step of doing a notebook upgrade is to clean up your system. Take out the trash, keep essential files, organize your files, and remove the unnecessary software. Once you have removed unnecessary files, defragment your hard drive to make it compact. This might take some time so while you are doing this, you might as well go for the next step.

Get a new hard drive

The first tool you need for notebook upgrade is the hard drive. You need to get the one that matches the specifications of your laptop. Take consideration of the brand as well as the kind of hard drive you have. Then, ask for help to determine the maximum capacity your laptop can handle for a notebook upgrade. This will save you time and money wasted in buying the wrong one.

Get a cloning tool

The next thing you need for the notebook upgrade is the cloning tool and the hard drive case. The cloning tool is software that creates an exact image of the existing hard drive that you have. The hard drive case is the physical device you can use to connect the new hard drive to the PC via USB. When you will finish defragmenting, then you need to shut down your system. Connect the new hard drive to the laptop. Open up the CD drive and use the cloning software to boot the PC. Now you are ready for the notebook upgrade. You need to select which is the new hard drive and which one is the old one. If you make a mistake, you might end up losing all data. Start the process of cloning and wait for a while until everything is done. When the transfer of data is done, shut your PC down.

Install the new hard drive

You are now in the more physical part of the notebook upgrade. Depending on your laptop, the hard drive could be easily slid out or it could be inside the system. Be ready with screwdrivers if you need one. The next thing you have to do is to do is to remove the old hard drive. Is a cover is connected to it, remove the cover and install it to the new one. Slide or screw the new hard drive, screw the necessary panels. This way, you finally made a notebook upgrade. You can use the old one as backup or you can remove the data for a new extra space for your notebook.

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