How to Resolve Laptop Overheating Issues

Get to know more about ways to resolve laptop overheating issues.

Overheating problem is very common in most of the laptops and computer systems. People use laptops for various purposes like business, entertainment and school, so the overheating problem needs to be prevented to keep the machine in good condition and to avoid any inconvenience. Overheating is the prime problem that users face while using their laptops. Many users wonder why their laptop or computer freezes and shuts off again and again and don't find the reason behind this problem. The major reason behind this issue is overheating of laptop that needs to be addressed properly. To find solution to overheating problem just go through the user manual, then you will find a section stating "what not to do with your laptop’ here you will find the tips to avoid laptop overheating.

Following points explains about the reasons due to which a laptop overheats frequently and the different ways to avoid and resolve the problem:

  • Reasons

  • Symptoms

  • Fixing problem


Laptop overheating is certainly a very serious problem most people would tend to overlook. One of the overheating problems is due to software malfunction. For every laptop system, there is software which carefully control and operate the cooling fans that normally located within the BIOS. In most cases, upgrading the existing BIOS would solve the issue. The overheating problem might also occur after upgrading the Operating System. Most software programs are written to be run on a specific Operating System. Overheating problem may also occur due to the faulty deign of the laptop.


One of the main reasons for hard drive crashes is due to the overheating of laptop. All kinds of valuable personal or business data can be lost if your laptop overheats and crashes. Modern laptops run with fast microprocessors and that can generate a lot of heat. Without the necessary cooling system or bad ventilation the effectiveness of the laptop will be reduced considerably. A hot laptop may suffer from reliability problems.

Fixing problem

The main problem with running powerful components in a laptop is that they build up a lot of heat that needs to be dispersed. Due to the compact design of most laptops, heat buildup can be a problem that leads to system crashes. To fix the overheating problem, adjust the Windows power management setting to ‘portable’ from the control panel under power options. Then turn off the laptop and clean the fan vents with compressed air. Raise the laptop to keep air flowing underneath. There by we can reduce the overheating problem of laptops.

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