Restore Laptop To Factory Settings

How to fix commonly arising issues while restoring laptop to factory default?

You might encounter some problems while you are attempting to restore the laptop to its factory settings. You can simply solve these issues by taking exact fixing steps. You might be unable to start the start-up process due to some infections like troj.fakealert-ck. So, you need to take care of removing any infections in the system before you start the restoring process. If any interruption comes while restoring, the entire system may get damaged. So, you need to provide proper power backup before you start restore process. The restoring process may result in loss of system data. To fix the issue, you need to take backup of entire data in the system like files and system registry.

Following are some ways to restore a laptop to its factory settings:

  • Using system restore tool

  • Using advanced menu

  • Using recovery CD

Using system restore tool

Most of the new laptops come with a System Restore tool. You can use it to restore the laptop to its factory settings. To access the option, you need to go to the 'Start' menu of the system and select 'Programs' option. You need to then select 'Accessories', 'System Tools', and then the 'System Restore' option. A new window will be opened in which you can select the initial point of the time to restore. You need to back up your system files like registry and OS. Follow the incoming instructions and click 'Next' buttons to get the system restore functions start to work.

Using advanced menu

You can use Advanced Boot Options menu of the laptop to restore it to factory default. For doing this, you need to restart the system and press certain function keys. You need to then navigate to the 'Repair your computer' option. Next step is to select the appropriate language and click 'Next'. You need to then login in to the system as 'Administrator'. You can then select 'Image Restore' option. The, mark the option 'Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition'. After making these changes, you need to click 'Finish' button. After this process is over, your system can be restored.

Using recovery CD

You can use the recovery disc CD to restore your laptop to its factory settings. For this, you need to insert recovery CD in the system that has been created at the initial point of the laptop. You need to then restart the laptop with CD inserted in it. The CD will start to run the restore process in the laptop boot up time. Finally, you need to reboot the system as you are prompted to do so.

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