Fixing issue of laptop starting up slowly

What are Windows startup programs? Offer tips to fix the issue of a laptop starting up slowly.

Startup programs are programs that load when your computer system is turned on and the Operating System boots up. Booting takes a significant amount of memory and processing power; so, you need to configure your computer to boot only those applications that you will actually want to use. Removing windows startup programs is simple. You could remove them through two ways - one is automatically by using software and the other is manually. You also need to delete the cache of the disk to fix the slow startup issue. To do this, you could get plenty of third-party tools from the market.

Reasons behind slow startup and various methods to fix slow startup issue:

  • Reasons behind slow startup

  • Remove startup programs

  • Other techniques

Reasons behind slow startup

The presence of too many programs during startup can result in long delays in boot-up. You need to manage the start-up programs to increase the boot speed of your computer. You may also face slow startup issues if your laptop contains viruses. Viruses or malware are unwanted computer programs that may enter your system without your knowledge and cause harm to your system.

Remove startup programs

You could remove the startup programs manually from your Windows system. To manually remove the startup programs from your system, you need to access the Using System Configuration Utility called 'msconfig'. To access it, you need to type 'msconfig' in the run box and then press 'Enter'. The utility will appear and then you need to select the 'Startup' tab. Then you need to uncheck the programs that you want to remove from your startup. You need to restart your computer to make the changes. You need to be very careful during manual removal. If you are not satisfied with manual removal, you could remove the startup programs automatically. You can get plenty of third-party tools to remove startup programs automatically. Ccleaner is a software program which helps you to remove Windows startup programs.

Other techniques

You need to remove viruses from your system to fix the slow startup issue. You can get plenty of third-party tools to remove viruses from your computer. AVG antivirus, Norton antivirus, Avira etc are some popular antivirus software which help you to remove viruses from your laptop computer.

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