How to Use Security Software to Protect Your Laptop

Get to know more about using security software on laptops

Laptop security software covers a wide variety of potential risks including hacker intrusions, destruction of data, harmful viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious programs. Laptop security software is available either within the computer system’s Operating System or freely downloaded or purchased. Security software offers peace of mind amid a growing array of risks that increase exponentially as more computer systems become accessible through the Internet. From e-mail to newly installed applications, laptop security software serves as silent guardians against an ever changing landscape of threats. Without security software, computer systems are an open invitation to hackers. Software security programs are available from a large number of vendors both commercially and for free. Security packages exist to suit the needs of any computer system from the small home network to the international enterprise.

Following points explains about different security software available for laptops and features of the software:

  • Types

  • Features

  • Options


Laptop security software is divided into two broad categories; they are antivirus and access control. Each type of security programs addresses specific threats. Antivirus software protects against the spread of malicious code designed to either disable or interfere with a computer system’s operation. The most dangerous laptop viruses attempt to take control of a laptop or an entire network. Antivirus software works by looking for specific signatures that identify a laptop virus then delete or quarantine the threat.


Viruses and hackers are a constant threat each time when we log onto the Internet. Today the greatest threat to computer systems comes from attempts to alter access privileges, providing hackers a master key to your most important data. The common tactic is through a Trojan horse. Hackers use Trojan horses to hide malicious instructions inside innocuous downloads. Once installed, a Trojan horse payload may seek out passwords, financial data etc and transmitting them to a remote location. Current laptop security software is mainly designed to meet both threats.

The most common computer system software is freely available. For home Windows based computers with just one user, AVG antivirus free edition is a good option for instances where more complex security suites may not be necessary. Zone alarm is one of the other security software that acts as a firewall and blocking many online hacking attempts. Both Mcaffee and Symantic offer subscription based computer security programs. Mcafee's total protection suite guards against viruses, detects and removes spyware and checks email links.
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