How to Resolve Startup Problems on Your Laptop

Get to know more about ways to resolve startup problems in your laptop.

There are so many chances of getting problems when you try to start your laptop. You might receive some error message when you start the computer. These errors might be caused due to the damaged third party software or corrupted DLL files. If the error message represents any file or service, then you need to turn off it in the system configuration utility. If the problem is related with any installed third party software, then you must uninstall this software from the computer. Sometimes your computer will stop responding when you try to start the Windows. Then you must check the device manager to determine if the problem is related to a device driver. If the computer encounters with any start up problem, then you can use system restore tool to return your computer to a previous working state. With the help of these you can resolve start up problems easily.

Following lines explains about the various startup problems (blue screen error, black screen error, blank screen error and slow startup) that may occur on a laptop and their causes and ways to fix the problems:

  • Slow start up problem

  • Blue screen error

  • Black screen error and blank screen error

Slow start up problem

There are chances of getting slow start up problems in your laptop. The main reason for laptop slow start up is corrupted or missing system registries. If there are too many programs running at system boot up, then it will take more time to start the Windows. Then you have to disable some programs and eliminate them from the list. A registry cleanup process will help to speed up start up process of the laptop.

Blue screen error

Blue screen error means that all the computer functions will halt and the screen turns blue when this error message is shown. Blue screen error occurs due to the missing or corrupted DLL file. This error also occurs due to the incompatible or damaged device driver. Blue screen error might happen due to some redundant entries occupy the registry. You must delete such entries with the help of registry cleaner software to resolve the issue.

Black screen error and blank screen error

Black screen error and blank screen error is caused due to the absence of files and programs from the computer. Sometimes these errors are caused by improper registry keys. This error will occur due to some malware related registry entries created on the Windows registry. You must manually remove these registry entries from the Windows registry or you can use registry cleaner software to fix the issue.

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