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Get to know more about the ThinkPad Laptop.

This is a brand of laptop computers that were originally designed, manufactured, sold and distributed by IBM® . However, since early 2005, there has been a shift in the manufacturing as it is being done by Lenovo®, which took over the IBM® PC unit. The first models to be produced were 700, 700C and 700T in 1992. The system configurations were, however, Microsoft® Windows® 3.1 operating system, 25MHz CPU speed, and a 120MB hard disk memory capacity. They have had the added benefits of reliability, build quality and design.

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ThinkPad features

With the take over by Lenovo®, there have been considerable changes made to the product line. These include added vents and mechanisms to allow for spilled materials to drain through the PC without causing damage, an inter-cooling system that enables the inner components to remain cool whilst the laptop is running, wide screen displays and magnesium-alloy chassis roll cage that reduces the flexes on the motherboard brought about by holding the laptop on a one sided corner. In addition it has an expanded product line that groups the PCs according to system user requirements and needs i.e. ThinkPad SL Series utilizing Intel® Core™ 2 Duo micro processors for small businesses, ThinkPad R Series utilizing Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors, which have since been replaced with a new S-Series line for Standard usage. There are also ThinkPad X Series tablet, which is a convertible tablet and utilizes either Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, or Intel® Core™ i5, or Intel® Core™ i7 micro processors.


There is the Japan only ThinkPad® model i.e. ThinkPad 235. The system specifications include Intel® Pentium® MMX 233 MHz CPU, a built-in 2.5” hard drive. ThinkPad 240 which is an ultra-portable initially running on Intel® Celeron® and was upgraded to a 600 MHz Intel® Pentium® III. It’s Random Access Memory had the capability of being expandable to 320 MB with an additional BIOS update.

Market reception

There has never been any doubt that these ranges of PCs offer reliability and quality. The laptop battery life has the capability of lasting up to 8 hours and 21 minutes on a single charge. However, with the pomp and glamour to its success story it has its own shortcomings. The placements of the ‘Fn’ and ‘Ctrl’ keys have not been well received by previous users of desktops and notebooks. The standard keyboard has the ‘Ctrl‘ key on the left most part where as the ThinkPad has it second from the left; Users also tend to confuse between the ‘Fn’ key with the ‘Ctrl’ key. There have been cases where some users remove the ‘Fn’ key so as not to confuse with the ‘Ctrl’ key. In addition there are the issues on the quality of support, hardware and security i.e. the recovery disks are no longer provided on CDs or DVDs but are on a hidden partition of the hard disk.

In addition the process of burning the recovery partition to CDs is tiresome as it requires several disks to be used not forgetting that the procedure can only be done once. If an error occurs, users are forced to purchase a new copy from the manufacturer.

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