Change Advanced Settings In Wireless Network

What is meant by WEP encryption settings and what are the techniques to enable WEP encryption?

Unauthorized access or any damage to laptops which are using wireless networks could be prevented with the help of Wireless security. There are options in your system to ensure security to your system with wireless network. Users could configure wireless network connection by changing the advanced settings. WEP or the Wired Equivalent Privacy is a security protocol for systems that uses wireless networks which encrypts transmitted data. This security feature is very difficult to crack. Sometimes the usage of this feature might lead to reduced performance of the system. The WEP is very easily configurable. It offers three possible security options like off or no security, 64-bit or basic security, and 128-bit or stronger security. There are different techniques for enabling WEP encryption.

Following are some information about changing the advanced settings in wireless network configured on laptop and some techniques to enable WEP encryption:

  • Changing advanced settings in wireless network

  • Need of WEP encryption

  • Tips to enable WEP encryption

Changing advanced settings in wireless network

Wireless Advanced Settings allows users to customize data transmission settings. In most of the cases, the advanced setting remains as default values. For this process, users may have to open wireless network connection properties and from that click on the 'Advanced' button. According to user's convenience, select 'Network' to access from the window. After this, change to advanced network access and confirm the action.

Need of WEP encryption

WEP encryption method in any system helps users to provide the system with advanced security. With the help of this feature users can be able to protect the system from all major corruptions. This feature offers high security while accessing wireless network connections. It offers three possible security options like off, 64-bit and 128-bit. It also offers advanced and improved troubleshooting techniques.

Tips to enable WEP encryption

In order to enable WEP encryption, users may have to open the respective web browser and have to navigate to the website of wireless router's configuration. After this, users may have to open 'Wireless Security' in the respective webpage and have to select 'Wireless Setup'. After this process, users are recommended to click 'WEP' option. On the check box that appears, ensure that it is marked 'ON'. After this, select Authentication type 'WEP Open'. Then, users are recommended to choose WEP encryption method and then type the custom pass phrase for respective encryption method. At the end confirm the action.

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