Wireless laptop router

How to use your laptop Wireless router?

Connecting to the Internet wirelessly is a great facility in itself, as you can move around with your laptop, while staying connected to the web. In some odd situations, you may be in need of an extra wireless router temporarily and you will be amazed to know that you can even use your laptop as a wireless router. Let us see how to use a wireless laptop router and what things you may need.

The following points will tell you how to use your laptop as a wireless router:

  • Things needed to use your laptop as a wireless router

  • Wireless network adapter

  • Making the connection

  • Doing it manually

Things needed to use your laptop as a wireless router

In order to be able to use your laptop as a wireless router, the first thing you will need is a wireless network device on your laptop. Along with that, your laptop also needs to be equipped with an Ethernet card or device. You will also need a wireless router that is wired to your web connection. A router or hub will be required to connect to the laptop and for this, you will need to use a cross-over cable only. At least a couple of Ethernet cables will be needed, one for other machines and the other for the laptop.

Wireless network adapter

Network adapter are used for connecting your computer to the wireless router. Newer machines already have these capabilities in-built, but if your laptop is an old one, then you will need to get a network adapter. Prefer to buy a card-based network adapter only and ensure that all the computers on your network have one. In order to make the things easier, buy a network adapter from the same vendor who manufactured your wireless router.

Making the connection

In order to be able to use your laptop as a wireless router, you need to connect your laptop to a hub through an Ethernet cable. After that, you also need to connect your computer to the hub using another Ethernet cable. If you are using a cross-over cable in place of a hub, then connect the computer directly to the laptop using an Ethernet port. Connect your laptop to a wireless hub while using the wireless device of the laptop and set up the Internet connection for sharing the wireless device.

Doing it manually

In order to do all things manually, you will need to go to your Control Panel, go to the Network Connections, right click on your wireless device, go to its Properties and click on the Advanced Tab. In the section that reads Internet Connection Sharing, click on the check box which says ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection’. After that, click on the OK button to make the desired changes.

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