Internet security services for New York-based customers

Our tech experts will provide appropriate tech support to ensure that your Internet browser run smoothly to deliver enhanced computing experience.

iYogi’s Internet security support services for New York-based customers can be easily approached remotely via the Internet to provide you proper help is needed to make your Internet browser work smarter.

Our tech experts will make a thorough diagnosis of your PC to locate the error and deliver appropriate tech support. They will troubleshoot Internet browser errors, reinstall and configure faulty internet connection and delete cookies that hampering your PC’s performance. Our services ensure that you get the efficiently running PC.

Call iYogi and get customized remote tech support for an enhanced Internet security. Avail our remote tech support, 24/7/365, all through the year.


Here’s what you get with our award winning service:

  • Get unrestricted access to all iYogi’s services by subscribing to an affordable package of $169.99 per year.
  • Our services are remote-enabled which can be easily availed to fix all issues that are hampering your PC’s performance.
  • Our tech experts are easily accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • iYogi’s tech experts are proficient in resolving all issues that is resulting in your Internet browser slow performance.

Scope of Service

When you subscribe to iYogi’s Internet security services, you also get assistance to resolve issues related to:

  • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies
  • Troubleshoot software errors
  • Update drivers and security to protect against online threats
  • Connect to the Internet, devices and peripherals
  • Optimize your PC’s speed and performance

iYogi’s support services are not merely limited at solving Internet browser problems, but we also provide enhanced support services to solve all issues, you are encountering with your computer.