Review on Akoya® P7220 D Computer

Product Review Summary

Akoya P7220 D is one of the most efficient personal computers which is available at an affordable price. It is compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System and equipped with Intel Core i5-750 processor. It has 6 GB RAM and 500 GB hard disc memory.


Akoya P7220 D computer has been designed mainly for low and medium business class users and home users. It includes excellent business features that are very suitable for business class users. Akoya P7220 D computer offers new features and specifications for its business and home users.

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Akoya P7220 D computer has high definition audio eight channel sound card and a GeForce G310 graphic processor for better sound and graphical experiences respectively. It includes suitable network card and software such as Windows Live Essentials, Microsoft Office and Internet Security. For connectivity, it has HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports. It is powered with great processors and a large amount of memory. A 6 GB RAM helps you complete difficult tasks easily and is also helpful in launching some media editing applications.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Ports

    Akoya P7220 D computer comes with eight USB ports to connect external devices with the computer and a six-pin FireWire 400 port for additional storage. It has an option of wireless networking. USB ports are very essential to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • FOUR – Sound

    Akoya P7220 D computer comes with best combination of speakers. The surround sound speakers could be connected with the analogue output of the computer. You could connect surround sound amplifier with the help of an optical connector. Akoya P7220 D computer offers better sound clarity.

  • THREE – Hybrid TV tuner

    Akoya P7220 D computer has hybrid TV tuner that allows you watch movies with great experience. You could play your favourite movies on DVD drive fitted with it. A 500 GB hard drive memory allows you store large number of movies, songs and pictures. It comes with Infrared remote control and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

  • TWO – Touch center

    Akoya P7220 D computer comes with touch center feature that allows you access the applications faster. you could be able to open all programs faster and easily. It also includes Microsoft touch pack that allows you access the Windows applications quickly.

  • ONE –  Improved performance

    Akoya P7220 D computer has Intel Core i5-750 processor that allows you perform many tasks at a time quickly and easily. It uses GeForce G310 graphical processor for a better graphical experience. This computer works perfectly with the combination of graphical processor and graphics card.

Akoya P7220 D computer has many advanced features. It has multi-touch options to ease the tasks.