Review on Medion® Erazer X9702 D system

Product Review Summary

Medion Erazer X9702 D is elegantly designed desktop from Medion with high gaming features. It is powered with an Intel Core i7-980X processor extreme edition that has a clock frequency of 3.36 GHz. This processor endows Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology. Medion Erazer X9702 D is ready for the most intense demands to provide a distinct gaming benefit.


Medion Erazer X9702 D is well built desktop that satisfies all the needs of a gamers as well as professionals who needs to work on extreme graphics. This desktop is included with a multi 4 in 1 card reader that reads and writes data saved on SD, MMC, MS and MS Pro memory cards3.

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This desktop is provided with triple-channel 9 GB DDR3 RAM that intensifies the performance and accuracy of your work and games. It is provided with an ample hard disk drive of space 2 TB that delivers the elementary space to save any data on your computer, regardless of its big sizes. To augment the storing size 2 hot swap hard drive clip-on frames is provided in this desktop. To put up your system with high protection features, it is delivered with a 90 days free trial edition of BullGuard Internet Security Pack. It is also provided with two high speed USB 3.0 ports in the back panel and one eSATA port in the front panel to enhance the data transfer speed and possibilities.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Multitasking potential

    To make possible the multitasking potential and to ensure the proper use of system resources and thus to give advanced and better processing performance of multi-threaded applications and software, this desktop PC uses Intel’s Core i7-980X processor that possesses Hyper-Threading technology along with some other exclusive Intel technologies.

  • FOUR – Multimedia capabilities

    For providing tremendous graphics this notebook is provided with NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 which is a PCI-Express graphics card with 1536 MB GDDR5 memory that includes two DVI-I, one Mini-HDMI (that supports HDCP) and one D-Sub VGA Adapter is incorporated. This desktop PC also comprehends Microsoft DirectX11 and an 8 channel audio output to deliver High Definition multimedia experience.

  • THREE – Networking abilities

    For having unspoiled network potential this desktop PC uses a Network Controller Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000 Mb/s) Port to offer wired networking facilities and Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11n USB Dongle with up-to 300 Mbit/s is included to make sure that perfect wireless networking is delivered. It also features 802.11b/g module.

  • TWO – Operating system and software provided

    This desktop PC is delivered either with a genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (OEM Version) or 32-bit version of the same operating system. Windows Live Essentials, MEDION Home Cinema Suite, Cyberlink Power2Go and Microsoft Office Starter 2010 are included in this desktop PC.

  • ONE –  General features

    As this desktop PC is specially intended for gamers, it is provided with a USB gaming keyboard and optical USB mouse. A Blu ray disc drive also is provided with this PC. By using a well featured latest HD screen you could have the full possibilities of entertainment.

With standard warranty of 2 years and aforesaid features, you could choose Medion Erazer X9702 D desktop for the ultimate gaming performance without any hesitation.