Optimize and Speed up PC by iYogi – 24×7

Is antivirus software slowing down your computer? Do you encounter any startup or shut down issue on your PC? Do you need to defragment disk, create system restore or restore your PC to factory settings or need to free up disk space? Relax, iYogi has all these types of PC optimization solutions for you – your PC performance issues will soon disappear with our fast and accurate technical assistance. Let us show you how…

How iYogi PC optimization works?

iYogi offers complete PC optimization and tune-up support for throughout the year – for unlimited number of incidences which you may report. Freezing software, folders or files as you attempt to open those, low memory space warnings, driver, antivirus or operating system software update issues are identified as poor performance issues – the best way to resolve these issues is to maintain your PC health from time to time. Hence, it is important to get your PC checked, run diagnostics, install important software updates and defrag disks and other periodical optimization activities to keep your PC optimized and retain performance. That’s why we offer round-the-year technical support to optimize PC from time to time to help you work on your PC without any hassles or performance issues. And we bring our services right within the comfort of your home. Isn’t it great?

What do you get with PC optimization support?

So, what do you get with our PC optimization support? Our comprehensive technical assistance to optimize PC cover –

  •       Monitor CPU, software and hardware components
  •       Tweak or disable heavy graphics to reduce load and enhance battery
  •       Delete unwanted programs and files to free up disk space
  •       Optimize startup programs to speed up booting
  •       Run tune-up and diagnostic utilities
  •       Schedule automatic updates or manual updates
  •       Upgrade driver and memory
  •       Optimize Internet and browser
  •       Speed up Internet connection
  •       Checks for, detects and remove virus and malware

3 easy steps to faster PC

That’s right! 1, 2 and 3… and we help you improve PC performance as well as the browser if it is taking unusually longer to load web pages, upload or download any file. And for this , all you have to do is to try these 3 simple steps –

Step 1: call iYogi toll-free number or connect us via chat

Step 2: Tell us the issue, error code, error message and report the problem

Step 3: Our technicians will connect you online – kindly let them connect via remote access

And you are done.

Benefits of iYogi tech support

We charge one-time affordable subscription fee for our unlimited annual tech support for a varied range of issues and devices. With a single PC optimization and PC maintenance annual plan, you get a slew of benefits –

  • Comprehensive support for all types of computers
  • All major brands of desktops, laptops, all-in-ones and other kinds of computers
  • Support for all peripherals – ask us to fix printer freezing, router or modem issues, or issues with any peripheral devices
  • Optimize all major operating systems
  • Support for all mobile devices and digital home theaters synced to PC

Need to know more and don’t know how to start? Call us now and let us troubleshoot your PC performance problems now.