Out of Support Complaints

Although iYogi technicians are regularly provided with training on new products, there is an “Unsupported List” of products and services that iYogi does not support. This is largely because, until the time iYogi feels that its technicians are competent with handling new products, iYogi puts them in the “Unsupported List”. Apple products are first in line.

Customer Complaints on iYogi not supporting Apple products

Tech support can be best described as a service with which assistance related to technology is provided. With technology foraying to fields that directly touches lives, tech support companies have mushroomed everywhere. The generic term ‘tech support’ is usually associated with computer-related services… more

Customer Complaints on iYogi not supporting Computer Hardware

As computers become more common, tech support companies are finding their profits heading north. Tech support mainly refers to computer-related services as these require the most assistance. Nowadays, with the mushrooming of remote tech service… more