PB Packard Bell™ iPower X3.0 Review

Product Review Summary

Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer comes with Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, with an option for two hard-drives making a total of 3TB. This Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer has got NVIDIA graphics card that can support DirectX 10, a backup button so you can quickly transfer data to a memory card or external drive, a multi card reader, and more.


Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer is mainly developed for business class users and home users, as this computer comes with two USB ports and space to place your camera or MP3 player. Packard Bell Ipower x3.0 computer is a gaming desktop computer with some great features, which designed to attract computer enthusiast and computer gamers.

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Packard Bell iPower X3.0 is a dedicated gaming computer, as it has enhanced performance due to Intel Core i7 and Core i5, both of which has Intel Turbo Boost technology that allows optimal speed and a good energy saving. This computer has got I / O ports and function buttons. With additional USB ports, that will help to connect small items like a camera, smartphone, MP3 player or other peripheral devices that will help you to download photos, transfer data or backup easily. This computer comes with latest generation of AMD graphics cards that supporting DirectX 11 API or NVIDIA graphics cards that supporting DirectX 10, PhysX and CUDA technology. Packard Bell Ipower x3.0 comes with two hard drives that will help you to increase the memory capacity.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Powerful gaming performance

    Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer comes with the advanced generation of Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors that include Intel turbo boost performance and provides great speed and energy savings. This computer also comes with inbuilt high-definition audio technology with multi-channel surround sound system that provides true-to-life sound effects that pull you into the game. Its graphics processor helps to improve the gaming experience.

  • FOUR – Design

    Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer comes with a stunning street racer-inspired design. The power button of this computer is the chassis lighting control dial. This computer has got the cutting-edge design and the character expected of a HD performer. The pure clear-cut shapes of this computer’s chassis are smoothed by curved angles. Its beautiful design is more attractive to computer users.

  • THREE – Expandability

    In Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer, you will be able to move, swap and add hard drives easily and you can expand storage capacity up to an additional 3 TB that will help to save game files, movies, music and more on the hard disk. You can add up to 2 internal HDDs plus 2 additional bays to increase the capacity. The expandability of memory helps to save more data.

  • TWO – Cable management feature

    Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer comes with cable management feature which is also enhanced by front wire passage and a devoted integrated rear compartment at the top of the chassis provides the user with an area to store and hide excess wires. You can easily manage your cables and peripherals in this Packard Bell Ipower x3.0 computer with the help of cable management feature.

  • ONE –  Backup button

    Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer comes with a backup button that allows to quickly display images from an external hard drive or memory card, acts as a digital photo frame. The process of backup will help you to save the important files and documents. This process is used to take the copy of documents and images from the computer to any external storage devices.

Packard Bell iPower X3.0 computer comes with all the requirements which enthusiasts and PC gamers want for whom design is one of the important selection criteria along with high-level performance.