Tips to use recovery disk on Averatec™ system

Are you looking for tips on things that are to be kept in mind while using recovery disk on your Averatec system?

Averatec is a South Korean brand of computer, owned by the country’s first computer maker, TG Sambo. This brand enters the American market only in 2003. It took over Sony in 2004 and became the fourth largest laptop maker. It has branches in South Korea, North America, Taiwan and Europe. A recovery disk means a media which includes backup of original product condition of a computer as such configured by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). For reformatting the hard drive or for reinstalling the Operating System and preloaded software, the recovery media is commonly used by the users. Most of the OEMs recovery systems includes the booting from a separate CD-ROM, DVD, or hard drive partition, which will create a recovery environment. The software license agreement has to be accepted first. Then the recovery program will start reformatting the hard drive. Then it will begin to copy the Operating System and software.

Discussed below are some points to keep in mind before recovery is done:

  • Backup the data whenever you can

  • Self diagnosis

  • Proper packaging and basic data recovery software

Backup the data whenever you can

The word whenever does not mean that data backup is taken after every second. If you are a regular computer user for creating, editing and saving files then you should be aware of the time period for taking a backup, say 3 days. And also if you are only a casual surfer, you should be aware about the backup taking duration say in 20 days will be fine.

Self diagnosis

In the case of computer crashes, first of all try to find out a solution by yourself because it is not necessary that for all computer crashes you are going to loose the data. If you are feeling that your computer went wrong somewhere then just try by Google and fix the problem. For example, if you are hearing a pee, clunk sound just try by switch off the computer instead of being afraid.

Proper packaging and basic data recovery software

Proper packaging means as the name says make sure that you have packed your computer before you are taking it to a computer specialist if you think that your system has crashed certainly and need a computer expert. If your packing is poor then there is a chance for missing something very important. Many data recovery software are available now but it is not a good practice to use it by a user who is not at all aware about the way of using it.

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