Booting in Safe Mode

Need and benefits of booting your computer in safe mode

Majority of computer user use Windows because it is stable operating system and has many error fixing tools. There are some common issues like virus issue, OS crash, system files missing etc that occur on a computer. There are many tools and options available to fix virus and OS files corruption issue but, the computer does not load in Normal mode to perform any troubleshooting step. You get an error message and the computer restarts, freezes or stops responding. Some viruses load malicious scripts and programs even before the computer is loaded in Normal mode and that stops Windows to boot in Normal mode. Safe mode is one of the best error fixing tools in all the versions of Windows. You can tap the F8 key during the startup process and select safe mode from the advanced boot menu to load Windows in safe mode. When you select ‘Safe mode’, Windows load with minimum driver programs, screen resolution and service, it eliminates all the third party service and startup programs. You can easily troubleshoot the issue in safe mode and then try to boot the computer in Normal mode.

Following are the needs and benefits of starting up the computer in safe mode.

  • Run fix tools and system scan

  • Undo the last made changes

  • Back up the data

Run fix tools and system scan

Majority of issues on computers are caused by viruses and you cannot boot the computer in the safe mode. Run the virus removal tools and get rid of the virus. You can perform full system scan in the safe mode. There are many hotfix tools available for various operating system related issues, you can run the hot fix tool in the safe mode to fix the issue and then try to boot the computer in Normal mode.

Undo the last made changes

Sometimes, the windows does not boot in Normal mode after installing certain software and driver programs. You can boot the computer in safe mode and uninstall the program that you recently installed that you think is causing the issue and then restart the computer in Normal mode. You can use the system restore utility to restore the computer to earlier date.

Back up the data

Sometimes all your attempts to fix an issue fail and you might have to re-format the hard drive and re-install the operating system. Thus, you can erase all the data from your computer. You have lots of data saved on your computer and all or some of them would be important to you. In such cases, you can start the computer in safe mode and back up all your data to an secure location and then proceed with the re-installation of the Operating System.

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