Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance Guide

There are various methods of maintaining a computer. The basic technique of maintenance is to wipe the keyboard and the screen. This depends on the usage of the computer. The wiping task should be done at least once in a week for daily used computers. There are some other computer maintenance jobs also, like keeping the keyboard and the mouse clean, cleaning the hard drive by removing the temporary files from it, etc.

Tips for computer maintenance and common things to be kept in mind are discussed in the following points.

  • Data Backup

  • Virus Effect

  • Cleaning The Mouse

Data Backup

Computers have a tendency to go wrong with time. Sometimes hard drives may not work properly, or they cannot function fully. So, backup files or folders of data stored in hard drives should be kept safe all the time. There are so many devices where we can keep the backup data like CD/DVD, FLOPPY DISC, External hard discs, etc.

Virus Effect

One of the most common problems now a day is the threat of viruses. Viruses can affect the whole system within the fraction of a second. The most serious damage the viruses can do is to affect the master boot record of the hard drive’s file system. This type of damage can cause loss of all the data that is stored in the hard drive. Getting the data back is a very expensive process. Operating system failure and bad software installation can lead to various types of problems at the time of recovering files. There is also some backup software which one can use to store valuable data. There is some backup software where whole drives including the operating system can be stored. That means if anytime the computer doesn’t work properly because of a certain virus problem then it is possible to take the computer back to work within a few hours.

Cleaning The Mouse

There are some procedures to clean the mouse controller also. Sometimes it may so happen that the cursor is going to different areas of the monitor. To clean the optical mouse is a much easier task than cleaning the mechanical one. Cleaning the optical mouse takes less than five minutes to complete the task. First it should be unplugged from the computer. Then it can be wiped with a wet bud. However, it should be kept in mind that no pressure should be put on the LED or lens.

Computer maintenance is extremely important and helps is longevity of the life span of the computer. Regular cleaning and following some basic steps help keep a computer in peak shape. Computer maintenance should be done for one’s own good.

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