Support for the maintenance of computer network

Points to consider for computer network maintenance.

Sometimes, several types of problems may occur in computer networks. It is impossible for everyone to call up a network administrator every time to fix up those problems. So there are some basic steps by following which we can troubleshoot those problems sitting in our homes only. Networks cannot work properly if any problem occurs in that network. They might become slow or even might not function at all.

Tips for computer network maintenance and things to be kept in mind are discussed in the following points:

  • Network problems

  • DNS problem

  • Disk maintenance

Network problems

There are some common problems, which may occur in computer networks sometimes, like being unable to clear DNS cache, being unable to renew the IP addresses, operation being performed on something that is not a socket, being unable to clear ARP cache, etc. The common solution for all the problems is to check first that the computer is connected to the network or not.

DNS problem

To solve the first problem i.e. being unable to clear the DNS cache, some steps should be followed. This error means that the DNS client service is disabled. First of all, the services MMC plug-in have to be opened, which is located under the administrative tools. DNS client service should be opened, and then has to be entered into its properties by right clicking it and then start up type need to be changed into manual or automatic status from disabled status. After that the service should be started. If the message box shows some error message like “unable to obtain an IP address” then an IP should be obtained from the command box by typing “ipconfig/renew”. That IP address should be kept for future references also. To maintain the network, the modem should be reset sometime. The Reset button is usually located in the backside of modem or router.

Disk maintenance

Disk defragment work should be done sometimes for rearranging and in order to organize files in the computer. Disk clean up should be done in a gap of a certain time period in order to clean up the drive. Temporary files should be deleted to keep the fast speed of your PC. It should be kept in mind that no virus is affecting the computer. If any virus occurs the computer should be scanned using a good antivirus. If one computer cannot see the other computers in the same network or any computer cannot access the Internet connection properly then it is obviously because of malfunctioning or faulty cables. So, the cables should be inspected all the time.

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