Repairing tips of Computer Printer

Get to know how to repair your printer

Printers are computer peripheral devices that are used to output softcopy to hard copy. There are a variety of printers in the market that can be used by a majority of computer systems. These include thermal printers, laser printers and desk jet printers. The quality however differs. However while working with printers, several issues can come up and knowing how to identify them and troubleshooting is of great importance.

Common issues that can come with computer printers and tips to resolve and repair a printer are discussed in the following points.

  • Issues with printers

  • Solving the issues

  • Habits to prolong printer life

Issues with printers

The basic problem that occurs is compatibility with the computer system. This occurs when a user adds a new printer as a peripheral device but does not install the device drivers or installs the wrong device drivers. Device drivers are responsible for creating a platform for which the operating system can recognize the printer as part of its hardware. A wrong device driver may result in a conflict as the operating system will not recognize the right printer version. Failure to print when a print command message has been sent is another common issue. The failure to print can occur when either the printer toner or cartridges are over or thus the printer produces blanks pages. Wrong toners and cartridges installed in the printer may lead to the printer not functioning properly. Refill has always been known to lead to leaks of ink in the printer. This can cause the printer to produce pages that are smudged with inks. In the long run, the ink spills can cause the printer to stall. Failure to print could also be a reminder that the data cable is faulty or may not have been connected in the first place.

Paper jams is another common occurrence. This happens when the printer picks the paper then a paper jam happens, leading to stop of the printing. There are a variety of reasons that can lead to paper jam. When, the user places the wrong types of papers in the printer or ink spills that accumulate thus causing clogs in the printer.

In addition there are occasions when the printer just fails to power on. This can be caused by faulty power cable or the mains power supply being off.

Solving the issues

The user should always ensure that the right type of toner and cartridges are used in the printer. In addition they should avoid the cheap avenue of re-fill. Checking that the right types of paper are used on the printer can help reduce the paper jams. The paper density is important when it comes to printing. Always check that the data cable is connected at all times and that the power is on.
Habits to prolong printer life

Regular service of the printer to clean it of accumulated dirt can help prolong the life of the printer and avoid paper jams. In addition, after use the user should be in the habit of covering the printer to keep off dirt. Always ensure that when you finish with the computer, switch off the printer to avoid overheating. When there is a large load to print. Print in intervals to help the printer cool down.
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