Computer Repair Tools

Tools for Computer Repair

Computer repair is more than just a screw driver and a couple of safety clothes. Additional hardware and software diagnostic tools may be required in order to point directly to the source of the problem. Repair tools are grouped as either hardware repair tools as cable cutters, canned air, multi-meters, cable testers and Software repair tools as data recovery programs, virus scanners, and disk defragmenters.

  • Types of computer repair tools

  • Computer repair tools features

  • Pointers of note

Types of computer repair tools

To test and ensure that Ethernet cables and power cables are working as required, multi-meters can be used before the user decides to replace the cables entirely. Due to dust in the environment, they normally end up building up inside the computer and may be a cause for overheating as they prevent hardware components as cooling fans from working properly. In such a case, canned air should be used. In a scenario where the user may have over clocked the CPU, overheating could arise and cooling paste can be added to the processor and RAM modules to prevent overheating.

Antivirus and antispyware can be used to clear the hard drive of viruses or Trojans or worms that may slow down the machine. Password recovery application tools can be used to assist the user to recover lost passwords. In addition recovery disks are used to restore the computer system back to the manufacturer’s default settings in case of formatting of the hard drive.

Computer repair tools features

To optimize the performance of the computer the hardware and software tools have extra characteristics that enable you to effectively diagnose and repair common problems that may be a hindrance to machine from working as it should. Screwdrivers and parts grabbers have special design features to enable cohesion with the smaller types of screws and other components used in computers. Memory utilization, CPU usage and memory storage can be checked randomly to correct for errors that may occur as a result of improper shut-down of the system.

Pointers of note

For effective results precautions ought to be taken when repairing a computer. Putting on an anti-static wrist strap helps in discharging the static build-ups on the fingers, touching the system casing is also a method of discharging static charges built up to prevent damage to the internal components. Preventative measures i.e. firewall and using UPS helps in preventing repair your computer in the future.

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