Repair rundll32.exe Error

Do you want to know about the role of rundll32.exe and the tips to fix related error?

Exe errors on PCs running on Windows operating systems are a common annoyance that has the potential to interrupt the work or even make the user to lose important data. Rundll32.exe is one process of the system of legitimate Microsoft, used to launch the file system. Dynamic Link Library condition is that it cannot be launched directly. Deliberate or accidental deletion of this process can cause serious problems for the users, since it is used for the proper function of critical applications. Also, rundll32.exe is at potential risk, because some harmful known viruses used by hackers to access the remote systems and finding passwords can delete or corrupt this process. It can give rise to rundll32.exe error in your computer. It is therefore recommended to conduct regular scans with effective antivirus to remove viruses and threats from the system.

Following are the effects of rundll32.exe error, causes and symptoms and repairing tips:

  • Effects

  • Causes and symptoms

  • Repairing tips


If there is any problem with rundll32.exe on the computer, then the whole system will not run smoothly. Also, rundll32.exe error may cause lots of undesirable issues potentially. The error messages will popup randomly lowering the CPU performance and the user can notice that the computer runs slower than usual. There are also some potential problems, such as computer freezing, blue screen of death and even system crash.

Causes and symptoms

Certain viruses will disguise rundll32.exe running on the computer to attack the system and steal important data. You can classify those viruses fraudulently using the name rundll32.exe to Miroot, Win32. worm, back door, last door and Trojan. These defective files will be displayed as executable files on the computer.
Repairing tips

A registry cleaner is a registry utility that can easily find the junk and eliminate rundll32.exe error from your system. Registry cleaner uses a high performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry which are causing rundll.exe errors. With a few simple steps, registry cleaner will scan the entire Windows registry for any obsolete or invalid entries and shows a list of all the errors found.
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