Repair Windows® 7 Driver Installation Issues

What are the various ways to perform a Windows 7 repair installation?

When you install a new plug and play compatible device into your PC, Windows 7 checks the driver store to see if an appropriate driver is available. If there is one, installation proceeds immediately and automatically. If Microsoft Update detects that you are using an older version of a particular driver, it will ask you to update the driver with a compatible newer version. If no compatible version is available for the respective device, it will prompt you to search for the driver software. Windows 7 Operating System will, by default, install drivers from trusted publishers without prompts. In other cases, you will be offered with a dialog box for sanction. You can also update directly by visiting the official sites.

Different issues that can occur while installing device drivers on Windows 7 and tips to perform a Windows 7 repair installation are stated below:

  • Tips to do repair installation

  • Device driver is missing

  • Windows 7 freezes

Tips to do repair installation

Performing a repair installation on Windows 7 is the last step to fix a problem with the Operating System. You can temporarily disable an antivirus or firewall running in the backdrop to avoid it interfering with the installation process. To begin the repair installation, load Windows 7 and verify that you are logged on from an administrator account. Then, insert the Windows 7 DVD and run the setup.exe file from the autoplay menu and click 'Install Now' to begin the process. At this time, uncheck the 'I want to help make Windows better' box and select the 'Go online' to get the latest updates for installation option so that the installation process will then search online for any available updates. Read through the license agreement, then select the accept box and click 'Next' and then click the 'Upgrade box to begin the repair install of Windows 7'. Windows will then re-install Windows 7 Operating System over the top of itself, and will inform you of its development. Your PC will restart a couple of times during this process and once it is rebooted, you are then prompted to enter the usual preliminary install details (like the license key, localization and time settings). As you complete it, the repair install will be fully performed.

Device driver is missing

Sometimes, while you are trying to install a new device driver for your PC, you will receive an error message showing, “Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing”. You will be then asked to provide the necessary drive or controller device drivers provided by the manufacturer. You can try to burn on DVD+R blank disc at slower speed. This is because DVD-R will delete some information when the CD is burned and ejected. Another option is to change the BIOS setting from IDE to AHCI or RAID (if your planning to use RAID). Remember that AHCI is for SATA components, HD, DVD etc. and if AHCI or RAID is set in the BIOS, it will install the drivers. Windows 7 Operating System is trying to find IDE drivers for a SATA DVD, so you can change the BIOS and try the installation again. If the problems still persists with the DVD drive, then try a USB memory key.

Windows 7 freezes

When you are trying to install a new driver for your PC with Windows 7 Operating System, sometimes, your system will suddenly stop working and will start remaining idle without giving any responses further to any of your actions. This freezing of the Windows 7 Operating System in your PC occurs when there is an issue of the improper updating of drivers. To avoid this, perform an update of the drivers for the required hardware devices on the computer.

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