Repair Windows® XP® Professional Edition

Tips to perform a repair install for Windows XP Professional edition

When you install a new plug and play compatible mechanism into your PC, Windows XP Professional checks the driver store to see if an appropriate driver is available. If there is one driver, installation continues immediately and automatically. If Microsoft Update notices that you are using an older version of a specific driver, it will ask you to update the driver with a newer version that is compatible to your system. If no compatible driver currently exists for the particular device, it will prompt you to search for the driver software. Windows XP Professional Operating System will, by default, install drivers from trusted publishers without prompts. Else, you will be offered with a dialog box for approval. You can also always update yourself directly by visiting the websites that usually provide it.

Different issues that can occur while installing device drivers on Windows XP Professional and tips to perform a Windows XP Professional repair install are below:

  • Repair install of Windows XP professional

  • Windows XP Professional freezes

  • Error showing missing driver

Repair install of Windows XP professional

To begin with, insert your Windows XP Professional CD and reboot you computer. A message "Press any key to boot from CD....." will appear. Then, you have to press the space bar to continue and then the set-up will now inspect your computer hardware and configuration. It will prepare your computer for install. Then, press 'Enter' (NOT 'R') to begin the repair install. Agree and accept the Windows XP License agreement, and press 'F8' to continue. Select the Operating System you wish to repair, and then set-up will now initialize your Windows XP configuration. You should now reboot your computer. Boot will recognize that the Windows XP CD is in the drive. Let set-up bypass the CD boot, so don’t press any keys. Windows will now begin to load and it will continue installing. It is now time to restart Windows XP Operating System again, click 'OK' if you want the changes to be effective. Finally, you will see the Windows XP Desktop and Windows is now repaired.

Windows XP Professional freezes

When you are trying to install a new driver for your PC with Windows XP Professional Operating System, your system will suddenly stop working and will start remain idle without giving any responses further to any of your actions. This freezing of the Windows XP Professional Operating System in your PC takes place when there is an issue of the updating of drivers. To avoid this, you will have to perform an update of the drivers for the required hardware devices on the computer.

Error showing missing driver

Sometimes, while you are trying to install a new device driver for your PC, you will be annoyed with error messages. Most of the hardware devices are recognized by Windows XP Professional. If the OS fail to recognize, the installation files from CD-ROM or those that are downloaded from the manufacturer’s website will show a problem in installation. If you follow the installation instructions on a clean Windows set-up, there will not be any problem. If the installation did give an error, the best you can do is to remove the new hardware drivers from the Device Manager of your system. After a reboot of your computer, the hardware will be detected again and facilitates you to reinstall the hardware drivers.

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