Issues in Registry of Windows® XP®

Get to know more about tips to repair registry in Windows XP

The registry repair of Windows XP sounds daunting and difficult, but it is easy if you have the proper tools for the job. The settings of Windows XP are stored in the registry. So if you want to preserve your settings, you must learn how to look after the registry's contents. Registry problems can bring your PC to a screeching halt. If the registry of your computer is defective, then you will experience sluggish performance, lots of error messages, system freezing, crashing, the 'blue screen of death' and slow booting. The registry of your OS is like the central nervous system of your computer, and if it is compromised your computer will experience any number of irritating problems. Luckily you do not need to be a computer expert to fix these disturbances.

Following are tips to solve registry problems in Windows XP:

  • Causes of Registry Errors

  • Use System Restore

  • Download Registry Cleaner and Install

Causes of Registry Errors

The problems in Windows XP begin when programs and hardware are regularly installed and un-installed, as the old registry entries that are not removed correctly build up and cause it to become disorganized. Another reason is virus attacks, which can damage any types of files. Since the Windows registry is stored just like any other file, it is easily susceptible to this kind of attack.

Use System Restore

To start System Restore, first press 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete' to restart the computer. Choose Windows XP to start or take note of the single beep, and next press 'F8' to exhibit the Windows Advanced Options menu. Now you have to opt the Safe Mode item from the menu and then hit 'Enter'. Once Windows XP boots into Safe mode click 'Start'. Access All Programs then Accessories and then click 'System Tools' menu, and select 'System Restore'. As you are operating in Safe mode, the only alternative on the screen of the System Restore wizard is to Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time, and it will be favored by default. You should then click 'Next'. Now you have to pursue the System Restore wizard to choose a restore point and then start the restoration process.

Download Registry Cleaner and Install

Download any good registry cleaner and install it in your PC. After that double click the registry cleaner shortcut icon placed on your desktop after installation. Then left click the 'Registry' icon located on the left side of the program window. You have to then click the 'Scan for Issues' tab located at the bottom of the program window. Once the registry scanning is completed, click the 'Fix Selected Issues' tab located at the bottom of the program window. Shut down the registry cleaner software and restart your PC once the corrections are done.

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