Repair Windows® XP® boot loader

Are you facing issues related to the boot up of Windows XP? Learn how to repair the Windows XP boot loader

The Windows XP boot loader is also called as the Master Boot Record or MBR. It controls the booting of the hard drive and makes it possible for the computer to load the operating system. Boot loader offers many useful features and improvements. The boot loader has a powerful system for device management. Unfortunately some changes to your computer or virus might corrupt, damage or delete the boot loader. This might leave your computer either unable to boot up at all or with problems in loading some parts of Windows XP. The Windows XP boot loader can be fixed with the help of Windows XP installation CD or a recovery disc.

The following points offer tips to repair Windows XP boot loader:

  • Boot the computer from Windows XP CD

  • Launch the Recovery Console

  • Tips to finish the process

Boot the computer from Windows XP CD

First of all you need to insert the Windows XP installation CD or recovery disc in the optical drive, and restart the computer. Instead of attempting to boot Windows as it normally would, now the computer will boot from the CD. You need to press a key when prompted and then you need to wait for the set-up program to load.

Launch the Recovery Console

Press the 'R' key on the 'Welcome to Setup' screen. This might cause the CD to launch the Recovery Console instead of attempting to install Windows XP on your computer. If you are having an administrator password on your copy of Windows XP, you need to enter it in order to log in to the Recovery Console. Choose the installation of Windows XP that you want to repair. Then wait for the command prompt to appear, and then enter 'fixmbr.' Press 'Y' when prompted to let the 'FixMBR' utility to overwrite the corrupted boot loader with a new copy.

Tips to finish the process

Remove your Windows XP disc or recovery disc and type 'exit' at the command prompt. The 'exit' command might cause the computer to reboot. By doing this, it might allow the computer to load the new boot loader file and then you might continue Windows XP startup as normal. Also install antivirus software in order to remove virus and protect the boot loader files.

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