Repair Windows® XP® command prompt

Write is the utility of command prompt? Explain how command prompt can be used to repair Windows XP.

A command prompt is a non-graphical interface that allows you to interact with your Operating System in your system. At the command prompt, you need to enter commands by typing their names followed by options and arguments. Most of the modern computers might use a graphical user interface (GUI), which allows you to more intuitively access programs and documents. However, some programs and commands might be only available through the command prompt. To access the command prompt, you need to follow the instructions appropriate to your Operating System. For access the command prompt in Windows, from the Start menu, you need to select 'Run'. In the 'Open:' field, enter 'cmd' (Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Vista). The command prompt's appearance varies depending on the shell that you are using.

The following are the ways to repair Windows XP using command prompt:

  • At recovery console

  • For Windows update installation

  • Prevent loss of data

At recovery console

The 'Recovery Console' is a set of tools that run from a command prompt. At the repairing time, if your system is formatted as NTFS then these tools might help you manage the partition. To run the Recovery Console from the CD boot with the Windows XP CD select 'R' at the Welcome Screen. The screen might switch to black and you might be asked which installation to log on to. Next, you might be prompted to enter your Admin password. After that press 'Enter'. At the C:Windows command prompt type 'Help' for a list of commands you could use.

For Windows update installation

After running a repair, you might find that Windows Update refuses to install the most recent patches. This is because the latest version of Windows Update might be broken, and might not register some DLLs if they're previously been registered. Then you need to stop the Automatic Updates service. To do this, you must first click 'Start', followed by 'Run'. Type 'cmd', and then click 'OK'. At the command prompt, type 'net stop wuauserv' and exit commands.

Prevent loss of data

To prevent loss of data or program settings during Windows XP repair, you need to perform certain steps. Manually delete the Undo_guimode.txt file from the WindowsSystem32 folder before you perform Windows XP repair. To do this in Windows XP, type the following command at a command prompt: del /a /f %windir%system32undo_guimode.txt. by opening the command prompt.

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