Repair Windows® XP® dual boot

What are the things that need to be kept in mind while adopting a dual boot configuration in Windows XP?

Windows XP is an operating system which is produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, media centers and laptops. The name 'XP'is a short for "eXPerience”. Vista is also an operating system released by Microsoft. It is a successor to Windows XP. By making a dual boot with Windows Vista over Windows XP, you can choose either OS every time you start the system. But there might be issues with Windows XP in a dual-boot configuration. Microsoft Windows XP might not be able to start. This condition might occur if the Windows XP and Windows Vista are installed in a dual-boot configuration. Windows Vista is installed on the active partition. The partition on which Windows Vista is installed is formatted or deleted. This issue occurs because the start-up information is removed when you format or delete the active partition. The problem that occurs during dual boot might be due to virus issues or due to software conflicts.

Following are some tips to repair Windows XP in dual boot:

  • Tips to repair XP in dual boot

  • Backup all important data

  • Common issues and tips

Tips to repair XP in dual boot

In order to resolve the issue, run the Windows XP installation program from the Windows XP CD to restore the start-up information. Insert the Windows XP CD into the system’s CD drive and then start the system. You need to press any key to boot from CD. The system must be configured to start from the CD drive. Then in the following screen you have to press Enter to set-up Windows XP. In the Windows XP Licensing Agreement page, you have to press F8 to accept the license agreement. Then select the installation of Windows XP which you want to repair, and then press R and follow instruction to repair XP. Then reactivate the XP copy.

Backup all important data

You have to backup all the important data present in the system. Before doing repair, firstly, select removable media like CD, DVD etc. Then, backup the data present in the system. Backup means creation of extra copies of data present in the system, which is securely stored in a protected environment. Backup endows security to the system in case some important data is lost by retrieving it from the backup location.

Common issues and tips

A common issue with a dual-boot Windows Vista and Windows XP computer is corrupted partitions. This is caused when the software shuts down during the process of shrinking the current partition. You need to re-create the partitions, possibly by reinstalling both the operating systems. Another common issue is when the boot-loader is corrupted. In this condition, you might be forced to boot to one or the other operating system, or your computer might refuse to operate at all. This issue arises when you install Windows Vista first and then install Windows XP. You can fix this by reusing the Vista boot loader to get in and then by recreating the entry for Windows XP.

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