Repair Problems in Windows® XP® Print Spooler

Are you puzzled with print spooler problems in Windows XP and need tips to repair them?

The print spooler is a software program that manages all print jobs sent to the printer or print server. It works with spool folder available on the hard disk and stores print jobs as they are being printed. As per the default settings, the spool folder is located on the C: drive at C:WinSystem32SpoolPrinters. Since a print server managing a print spooler may be receiving multiple jobs at the same time and the spool folder becomes a hotbed of activity. Windows XP requires the print spooler service to print various documents. When the user gives the command for printing a document, it is sent to the print spooler where a printer can easily access it. It is possible to install print spooler by using the add/remove utility of Windows components. If print spooler is already available on the computer, then you need to enable the service on the computer.

Let us talk more about Windows XP print spooler problems and the tips for repairing them:

  • Problems

  • Causes and symptoms

  • Fixing tips


The problem is detected only when the user receives a message on the screen stating that spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close. The error in the print spooler will be causing the incompletion of printing operation using the end devices, such as printers. The problems with print spooler can be rectified by observing the symptoms keenly and apply the fixing instructions.

Causes and symptoms

This problem can occur if a third-party printer driver or a third-party service that is installed in the system prevents the user from adding a printer. It is also possible that if the third-party printer driver or the third-party service affects the functionality of a newly installed printer. The symptom of error is the warning display on the screen.

Fixing tips

It is preferable to add a second hard disk to the system that will set-up to manage the printer pool. By doing so, you can give the print spooler a big performance boost and it is an easy task in Windows XP version of operating system. You need to remove faulty third-party software programs for smooth functioning of print spooler in Windows XP.

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