Installer Repair in Windows® Vista®

Are you inquisitive about the repair of Windows Installer in Windows Vista operating system?

Microsoft Windows Installer is a part of the Windows operating system. Windows Installer provides a standard foundation for installing and uninstalling various software programs and operating systems. Software manufacturers can create the set-up of their products to use Windows Installer to help in the software installation, maintenance and uninstallation. By using upgrade installation, you can save the time for the backing up of data also. There are two versions of Windows Vista, such as 32-bit and 64-bit and their selection should be based on the system compatibility. There may come up certain situation in which the user will be forced to uninstall Windows Vista. This may be due to virus attack or various other reasons.

Following are the tips for repairing Windows Installer in Windows Vista operating system:

  • Issues

  • Causes and symptoms

  • Repairing tips


Windows Vista is considered as a reliable, secure and high performance operating system from Microsoft. But as bugs and errors cannot always be ruled out, you may observe certain system failure issues while installing or uninstalling Windows Vista. One of the normal symptom is that computer may fail to boot, display errors on screen, etc. It may occur if one or more files or registry files that system requires to boot are missing or defected.

Causes and symptoms

The faulty operation of Windows Installer is the main reason behind the various issues relating to the uninstallation of Windows Vista. The symptom is the inability of uninstallation and thus the display of stop or error message on the screen. You can repair Windows Vista uninstallation issues using Windows Installer Cleanup utility. The corruption or undesirable changes in the Windows registry can create problems in the Windows Installer.

Repairing tips

It is the good and reliable way to repair Windows Vista uninstallation issues using Windows Installer Cleanup utility. Windows Installer Cleanup utility has been designed to allow the safe removal of Windows Installer settings from the computer in the event of a problem. Windows Installer Cleanup utility can remove all Windows Installer information attached with the selected programs, including the entries for the programs in the 'Add or Remove Programs' form the 'Control Panel'.

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