variance in the tech experience


Barriers and Best Practices in Tech Support

Variance in Tech Experience

In order to assess and address the challenges and opportunities associated with the current state of inadequate technical support, The Variance in Customer Experience program provides a much needed snapshot of the factors contributing to Computer Stress Syndrome as well as best practice tips and solutions that consumers and small businesses can employ to improve satisfaction and resolution.

The Customer Experience Board, in partnership with The Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience, and the Business Performance Management Forum, have engaged in an independent assessment of the variance in the customer experience for leading computer and software tech support operations. The Computer Stress Syndrome Audit tested and evaluated the resolution rates, proficiency and cost-effectiveness of leading technical support services provided by computer manufacturers, communications service providers, software vendors, retailers and third-party contractors.

The program gathered industry thought leaders, reputable organizations and resources together to examine this critical area of consumer help and need. The online audit examined satisfaction and performance criteria, service costs and effectiveness, time-to-problem-resolutions rates, availability and reliability of service, technician responsiveness and knowledge, caller wait times, and the caliber and courtesy of human intervention.