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A review is an evaluation of a publication, such as a movie (a movie review), video game, musical composition (music review of a composition or recording), book (book review); a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, a play, musical theater show or dance show.

Whatever reviews people get to hear for iYogi Certified Technicians are above expectations. iYogi always satisfies the customers’ needs. Customer prospects differ from one person to another. However, almost all the customers expect the same basic things. Just give us the call, evaluate our technical support services and review it on your own and as per your convenience.

With the launch of Huawei P8 and P8 Max, Huawei has redefined the realm of Smartphones. Sleek and contemporary looks with elegant leather-bound finish, Huawei has designed these as the thinnest smartphones in the market. The model P8 is moreover, a worthy successor to the Ascend P7, as it continues tradition and design language, although in a slightly bigger form factor. The P8 Max is a Phablet, 6.8″ super-sized version…

Great flexibility and high water resistance undoubtedly makes the all new Sony Xperia Z4 one of the best Android tablets to opt for. The tablet has an inbuilt Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, stylish looks and uber-light weight to make it a perfect challenger to the iPad Air 2. The tablet allows you to capture your lifetime moments efficiently, as it’s equipped with 8.1 megapixel camera with 8X digital zoom…

Sway yourself to the irresistible features of Microsoft Surface 3! If you’re a gadget freak and were looking for an alternative to your laptop, here’s something to end your search. Yes, you read it right! Microsoft has launched Microsoft Surface 3, as an alternative to the Surface Pro 3 tablet, at a much lesser price.  Feather-weight keyboard, stylish looks, digital pen and more adaptability – Microsoft Surface 3 offers you…

The battle for your wrist is on! As more and more people are flaunting wearable gadgets, technology companies are also gearing up to join the Smartwatch bandwagon. With an aim to redefine your Smartwatch experience, Vector, a new smartwatch brand from London is all set to enter the market this summer. The latest models, Luna and Meridian combine stylish looks and robustness and allow you to even customize the face…

Is managing incompatible devices plug-in requirements and outdated interfaces for a meeting being held in a conference room a hassle for you? Now, no more! Microsoft is about to launch the Microsoft Surface Hub for office collaboration and meeting management. The Surface Hub is especially designed for meeting rooms to provide an integrated platform for the groups of officials to work together, share ideas and make decisions. It allows you…

Customer Reviews

By : Angela W
United States

My work entirely depends on my laptop and I was terrified to find that it was suddenly down while I was working on it. Thankfully due to my subscription plan, my device was fully covered by iyogi. One simple call and the technician promptly started fixing the issues and within an hour I was back at work. Thanks for your assurance iyogi……

Customer Reviews

By : Marcus,
United States

Whether my PC faces booting issues, BIOS errors or other technical errors like Blue Screen of Death, iyogi fixes these issues efficiently. Though connecting to a call with iyogi is a big time consuming process, but their service is good. The thing that always pushes me to approach iyogi is the way they help you understand the problem and resolve the issue all…

Customer Reviews

By : Holly,
United States

My PC was working in a weird manner since past few days. That’s when my wife suggested me to call iyogi. I called these guys, but their heavy accent was far beyond my understanding to comprehend. I had to pay more attention to listen what they were saying. But in the end, my computer was fixed through their remote assistance technology. I must…

Customer Reviews

By : Atwell,
United States

I’ve availed iyogi services quite a lot of time and on every occasion they’ve been warm and patient in dealing with the technical problems. There was this guy once who, especially to make understand things to a layman like me, spent more than an hour over explaining the issue. He also gave me certain tips to keep handy so that I don’t fall…

Customer Reviews

By : Arliss,
United States

I don’t know why, but my PC was facing several technical issues from some days. Thanks to iyogi, most of the problems are fixed. Issues like power problems, display errors, booting issue and keyboard functioning problems were fixed by iyogi technician in just a single call. The only problem was the accent. Gave me some hard time understanding what he was saying. Otherwise…



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