Review on Sager® NP5560 Notebook

Product Review Summary

Sager NP5560 Notebook is equipped with powerful specs. It is smaller in comparison to other Notebooks of its range. Sager NP5560 notebook has a powerful Intel Pentium M processor. This processor from Intel offers a processing speed of 1.73 GHz to 2.26 GHz. The notebook is designed for gaming purpose.


Sager NP5560 notebook can be used to watch stream videos, check email and do most important functions very easily. This notebook is able to hook up to your HDTV and you can watch movies or videos in a better quality. It is a perfect machine for the most things that you would want to do on the web.

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Notebooks from Sager are truly a grand deal for the price if you go to analyze the qualities. NP5560 is one of the most featured series of notebooks from Sager. Performance of this notebook is impressive compared to many other notebooks available in the market. The system managing is very easy and one need not really study anything further to operate the notebooks from Sager. Sager NP5560 notebook has Pentium M processor made by Intel. The processor offers a processing speed of 1.73 GHz.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – LCD display

    Sager NP5560 notebook comes with a 15 inch XGA TFT active matrix LCD display. It offers resolution up to 1024 x 768 pixels. The viewing angle of this display is quite impressive and it provides graphics displays in an excellent quality than it on a 17 inch display.

  • FOUR – Technical specification

    Sager NP5560 notebook is an excellent entertainment platform. With the 1.73 GHz speed Intel Pentium M processor, 1 GB of incredible DDR memory and 100 GB hard drive, Sager NP5560 notebook will give you outstanding performance. You can enjoy brittle high definition visuals through the 15 inch LCD display by the 128 MB integrated Intel GMA900 graphics card.

  • THREE – Windows XP Home or Professional

    Sager NP5560 notebook is equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional edition Operating System. Windows XP is one of the most featured Operating System from Microsoft. The performance of the Windows XP Operating System is also impressive compared to many other Operating Systems.

  • TWO – Performance

    Sager NP5560 notebook comes with a Pentium M processor made by Intel. It is one of the powerful processors from Intel and it features an intelligent and faster multi core technology. The processor provides highest processing power and delivers an amazing experience in gaming. This powerful processor from Intel works on the combination of the turbo boost and hyper threading technologies.

  • ONE –  Keyboard and touchpad

    Sager NP5560 notebook comes with an easy to use keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard has a typical black color and white lettering, it allows you to locate keys fairly fast as well as the blue function keys that allow you to change the sound or brightness or to pick num or scroll lock keys. The touchpad on this notebook has a textured feel and the rushing does not get out of control.

Sager NP5560 Notebook has a set of powerful specs. It is one of the most attractive and inexpensive Notebook currently available in the market. The performance of this notebook is also good.