Review on Sager® NP7250 laptop

Product Review Summary

Sager NP7250 is a 12 inch ultra portable laptop developed by Sager. Sager NP7250 laptop has different color options. Sager NP7250 laptop is developed with a lot of new features. Sager NP7250 laptop is a dominant one due to its powerful processor and graphics card. Sager NP7250 laptop has attractive security features to protect the data.


Sager NP7250 laptop is perfect for the business class users to complete their tasks. Sager NP7250 laptop is completely suitable for business class users. With the help of Sager NP7250 laptop, you can be able to complete the tasks quickly and effectively. Sager NP7250 laptop also comes with gorgeous gaming and multimedia features. This is a valuable laptop for gamers and multimedia users.

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Sager NP7250 laptop comes with Intel Celeron M processor 430 with a speed of 1.73 GHz that is very suitable to complete the tasks quickly. Sager NP7250 laptop is designed with 12.1 inch display with a resolution of 1280×800. Sager NP7250 laptop has got SiS M671 integrated video for the graphical support. Sager NP7250 laptop comes with 512 MB RAM that can be expanded up to 1 GB RAM. Sager NP7250 laptop contains 80 GB hard drive to store your important data. This laptop uses DVD dual layer combo optical drive. Sager NP7250 laptop consists of 4-in-1 memory card reader to read the data from the memory card. Sager NP7250 laptop is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Home edition Operating System.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Inbuilt connectivity

    Sager NP7250 laptop comes with inbuilt Ethernet connectivity that is used to connect your laptop with a LAN. This allows you to share data with number of computers. Sager NP7250 laptop comes with inbuilt wireless network connections with a special switch. This allows accessing the connections quickly. Sager NP7250 laptop also has high speed modem for access of the Internet.

  • FOUR – Audio features

    Sager NP7250 laptop includes inbuilt high definition audio codec. Sager NP7250 laptop offers 3D surround sound and full duplex technology. It offers better clarity to the sound. This also provides comfortable bass and treble. Sager NP7250 laptop has got built-in stereo speakers and microphone. For the audio support, this laptop has ports such as mic-in and headphone-out. You can enjoy better sound clarity from this.

  • THREE – Video

    Sager NP7250 laptop comes with SiS M671 integrated video that provides improved graphics experience. Sager NP7250 laptop supports two different applications. It allows you to watch movies and songs at the same time on external monitor and laptop monitor. You can watch this without reducing the performance. Video controller of Sager NP7250 laptop is working according to the PCI express.

  • TWO – Battery life

    Sager NP7250 laptop comes with excellent Lithium-Ion Battery. This laptop is designed with 4 cell battery. Battery charging time is up to 3.5 hours. With the help of this long battery life, you can carry this Sager NP7250 laptop anywhere. This battery allows you to go on working with the laptop.

  • ONE –  Extra features

    Sager NP7250 laptop comes with finger print reader that will prevent other users from accessing your laptop. You can login the laptop with recognized finger print. Sager NP7250 laptop has Bluetooth options and carrying case options. Sager NP7250 laptop includes 12V adapter. Sager NP7250 laptop comes with some useful third party software. These additional features are more supportive to complete your tasks.

Sager NP7250 laptop comes with better and advanced multimedia features than other laptops. Sager NP7250 laptop has better security features and other advanced options. This laptop offers sophisticated graphical experience.