Review on Sager® NP7650

Product Review Summary

Sager NP7650 is a multifunctional device powered with various advanced technologies. It includes the features such as Bluetooth, optical drive, etc. This offers highly specific features such as 2.0 megapixel web camera and better features suitable for better communication. Fingerprint readers, HDMI are some other features included in this system. The larger display features offered by this system is suitable to view the pictures in a different style.


The users could use this system for various purposes. This delivers you better display and various functions. With this advanced system, you could improve the system boot time and the load time of all of the applications. This system is able to provide better security to all of your data inside the system. The graphic features in this system are also capable to improve the display and the video features of the system.

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You could use Sager NP7650 system for various purposes. It will give you high quality outputs. This offers better processor speed 2.0 MHz and this is more effective to improve the system performance. The 4MB flash BIOS is also capable to provide proper support for all of the system activities. The user could work with any of the windows operating system in this system and the better option is to use the Windows 7 operating system. It also provides 64 level photo resolutions. So, you will get fine and standard resolution photos. The Kingston lock and the integrated finger print reader are capable to provide proper security to the system. The full sized keyboard and the hot keys in this system provide error free typing and improved productivity.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Stylish design

    Design is one of the important features to be considered. The better design system could provide better portability and mobility. User does not have any need to sacrifice for the design of this Sager NP7650 system. The latest technologies are combined in such a way that the user will be impressed. The numeric large keyboard and the high display features are the examples for this better design.

  • FOUR – Advanced graphics

    Graphics features in a system are responsible to provide better graphics and display features. With the NVIDIA graphics card included in this system is capable to provide graphics features according to the user’s needs. The Directex features and the HD technology integrated in this graphics card are capable to support most of the advanced applications. With this features, system could give you more intense and real pictures.

  • THREE – Better memory technology

    The technology included in the memory gives proper control over all of the storage space in the system. Good memory will give better performance of the system. The ReadyBoost and the Ready drive technologies integrated in the Intel memory of this system offers better data storage facilities. The maximum memory space offered by this system is 4GB and this is also suitable for the business men and other professionals to store more data in the system itself.

  • TWO – Brilliant HDMI

    High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is one of the advanced technologies included in almost all systems. This helps you to turn the HDTV in to the high resolution system display. The 1080P HDMI output in this system is capable to connect to any of the HDTV. This helps you to watch movies stored in the system in full HD or large screen.

  • ONE –  Long battery life

    The long battery life in this system helps you to work without any interruption. This offers one six cell lithium battery. This advanced battery integrated in this system is capable to provide long battery life. This offers maximum eight hours long battery life. User could work with this system for eight hours without providing any additional battery power.

Sager NP7650 system gives you high quality outputs in high quantity. It’s amazing features like high speed processor, expandable RAM, etc helps you more for its easy usage.