Review on Sager® NP7750

Product Review Summary

Sager NP7750 can deliver multiple functions at the same time without reducing the performance of the system. Bluetooth, optical drive and inbuilt Ethernet are some of the other features of this system. Whether you are playing games, or watching videos, this system offers high performance in each of these processes. The high resolution video camera integrated in this system is also effective to produce high quality videos.


The users could use this system either as a game system or as a professional system offers high performance. With the highly advanced graphics features from this system, the user could improve the game and the display features. The high power Intel processor is effective to reduce time taken for accessing applications. The security features in this system is capable to provide the best security to all of the data inside the system.

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Sager NP7750 system is powered with the high power Intel Core 2 Duo processor. This processor offers 2.16 GHz speed and this is more effective to improve the performance of the system. With the Windows 7 operating system, the features of the system can also be improved. The RAM memory capacity offered by this system is 2GB and if necessary the user could upgrade that up to 4GB. Hard disk capacity offered by this system is 500GB. The Kingston lock and the integrated finger print reader are capable to provide proper security to the system. The full sized keyboard and the hot keys in this system provide error free typing and improved productivity. Sager NP7750 system also comes integrated with the 2.0 megapixel video camera, Wi-Fi 802.11g Wireless LAN and Super-Multi DVD Drive.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Smart design

    Smart design is the most important feature of each and every system. Better portability and reliability of the system mainly depends upon the design of the system. User does not need to worry about the physical safety of the system. The latest technologies are combined in such a way that the user will be impressed. The numeric large keyboard and the high display features are the examples for this better design.

  • FOUR – Sophisticated graphics

    The display of the system mainly depends upon the graphics integrated in the system. NVIDIA is one of the leading graphics card in the computer industry. The Directex features and the HD technology integrated in this graphics card are capable to support most of the advanced applications. With this features, system could give you more intense and real pictures.

  • THREE – Advanced memory technology

    Storage space in a system has more importance compared to all other features. Better memory will give better performance of the system. The DDR2 and the Ready drive technologies integrated in the Intel memory of this system offers better data storage facilities. The maximum memory space offered by this system is 4GB and this is also suitable for the business men and other professionals to store more data in the system itself.

  • TWO – Mobile performance

    The mobile performance in this system is offered with the help of the Intel Processor integrated in this. This system offers 1MB L2 cache. 32nm and 42 nm processors are supported by this system. This is better suitable for the high performance while playing games and other such functions. This system also supports 2MB and 3MB L2 cache and this is also more effective for the high performance.

  • ONE –  Extended battery life

    The long battery life in this system helps you to work without any interruption. This offers one six cell lithium battery. This advanced battery integrated in this system is capable to provide long battery life. This offers maximum eight hours long battery life. User could work with this system for eight hours without providing any additional battery power.

You can use Sager NP7750 as personal system. Through this, you could achieve the high performance. It’s amazing features like high speed processor, expandable RAM, etc will help you more for its easy usage.