Review of Sager® NP7762 Laptop

Product Review Summary

Sager NP7762 is one of the most reliable systems. The configuration in this system provides better performance and power. The design and the entertainment features in Sager NP7762 provides better graphics and videos. The 1440×900 resolution in Sager NP7762 offers optimized display.


The wireless features in Sager NP7762 offer better connectivity and this is the best system to communicate with your friends and family without any additional resources. Since this offers better memory capacity, you can install various entertainment and advanced software applications in this system.

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Sager NP7762 is powered by many advanced technologies. This system offers long battery life. Sager NP7762 has Intel Core™ i5 processor, Windows 7 and better memory capacity. It also has Intel Turbo boost technology.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Turbo Boost Technology

    Turbo Boost Technology in Sager NP7762 helps you to turn your laptop computer into an entertainment box and a multifunctional system whenever you need. If you want to obtain high resolution graphics, you could install various applications to improve the resolution. Turbo boost technology is effective to complete multiple tasks within seconds. The screen does not wash out or fade under any light and delivers a display which is friendly to human eyes. The screen remains sharp with a balanced contrast and brightness. The pictures can be viewed on the screen as if they are real and movies are displayed with high resolution.

  • FOUR – Built-in-audio

    Sager NP7762 comes with high quality audio features. The system is integrated with 3D enhanced sound features to produce clearer audio. The sound features in Sager NP7762 are compatible with Sound Blaster Pro technology. Two built in speakers and the built in microphone integrated in this system provides proper support for these advanced sound features.

  • THREE – Network Connectivity

    Sager NP7762 has an inbuilt Wi-Fi network card which lets you to connect your network computer to any wireless network. The built in Gigabit Ethernet in Sager NP7762 system can provide proper network connection. You can share data and access the shared network resources without being physically connected to the network router. This system also has Intel Wi-Fi link wireless card module.

  • TWO – Memory with E-SATA

    Memory capacity with advanced handling technologies keep the data in the system safe. DDr3 technology included with the memory provides proper care to all of the data included in Sager NP7762. E-SATA technology improves the storage space in the system.

  • ONE –  Security

    Security is a big concern for all system users and it really matters when you carry the system. Anyone can access the system and steal your data if proper security is not provided. Sager NP7762 has a fingerprint reader which reads your fingerprints.

Sager NP7762 delivers high performance and is suitable for businessmen as well as students. Sager NP7762 is a laptop which meets all your computing requirements.