Review on Sager® NP8662 Notebook

Product Review Summary

Sager NP8662 is one of the most powerful gaming Notebooks available in the market today. It could be classified as a mobile workstation or a desktop replacement. Sager NP8662 can also by consider as an excellent business machine. This Notebook from Sager is as powerful as most 17 inch gaming Notebooks. The design of this Notebook is also impressive.


Sager NP8662 notebook best for people who are looking for an average display, top notch security and mobility around the office. Sager NP8662 notebook is a well specified machine that is not too heavy considering the size of the screen. The 15.4 inch widescreen of this notebook is dazzling, assuring that you will never have to squint when plowing through spreadsheets or watching a DVD.

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Sager NP8662 notebook comes with enhanced security features, which make it even more impressive for confidential data processing tasks. The notebook is powered by the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor. This processor has the ability to offer a processing speed 2.53 GHz. The notebook comes equipped with the high performance 64 bit Microsoft Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System. Sager NP8662 Notebook also features several new technologies, which help you to carry out all of your needs very easily. Sager NP8662 notebook is slightly larger than the average thin and light notebooks available in the market.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Dazzling display

    Sager NP8662 Notebook comes with a 15.4 inch WSXGA+ glossy display. Without anything on this display, it is almost like a mirror. But when you turn on the screen, there are vibrant colors and it is very pleasing to your eyes. After using this notebook, there will be no eye strain or reflections for you.

  • FOUR – Sound features

    Sager NP8662 notebook does not come with a subwoofer and therefore it lacks the bass that some people are looking for from a large Notebook. Besides lack of bass, the built in speakers on this notebook can produce a clear sound without distortion even at the loudest setting. In order to improve the sound effects, you can add additional set of speakers to this Notebook.

  • THREE – Connectivity

    Sager NP8662 notebook features wireless connectivity. For this, the notebook comes with a wireless card. This wireless card is able to detect any wireless network quite easily and connects without any troubles. Speeds are reasonable with a fast wireless connection but sometimes the speed may vary depending on the distance from the wireless router. This Notebook from Sager also features an integrated Bluetooth.

  • TWO – Powerful processor

    Sager NP8662 Notebook works with the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor. This powerful processor from Intel works on the combination of the hyper threading and turbo boost technologies. This processor is able to provide highest processing power and to deliver an amazing experience in gaming. With this processor, you can execute multiple tasks at a time without any troubles.

  • ONE –  Operating System and drivers

    Sager NP8662 notebook is compatible with the 64 bit Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System. This Operating System from Microsoft comes with a set of new features including the aero feature. The Sager NP8662 notebook comes with a driver recovery CD, which contains all the drivers for this notebook. The drivers are supplied in an easy to use format.

Sager NP8662 is one of the most attractive and powerful Notebook available in the market today. This notebook also offers a number of new features than many other notebooks.