Sager® NP9261 Notebook

Product Review Summary

Sager NP9261 is the first quad core notebook. This model is integrated with a 17 inch widescreen display, Core 2 Quad processor with a maximum 3.0GHz speed and RAM capacity of up to 4GB that gives enough support to the performance of this model. The chipset used in this model is Intel P965. These specifications provide a high-end performance and maintain good efficiency for Sager NP9261.


The hard disc space available in Sager NP9261 notebook is up to 250GB. Users can store their data such as videos, songs, documents etc in this hard disc space. 8X DVD Dual Layer Burner also help in storage purpose. Better connectivity is another important feature of this notebook. Its Intel Wireless 4965 AGN and built-in Bluetooth help in connectivity.

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Sager NP9261 is a high performance model. It uses Core 2 Quad processor and Intel P965 Express Chipset. These are the main specifications for high performance in Sager NP9261. The connectivity is enabled by the use of Intel Wireless 4965AGN and built-in Bluetooth. This feature enables users to connect to the network and download, upload data. It has a hard disc space of up to 250GB. Users can download films, documents etc and save in this space without writing to a DVD/CD. Other specifications include four USB 2.0 ports, 12-cell Lithium ion battery, 1.3M camera, 7-in-1 card reader, four built-in speakers etc.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Performance

    Sager NP9261 Notebook has Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Edition for delivering a good performance. This model offers up to 4GB RAM that gives enough support to the processor for providing a high quality performance. Its maximum processor’s speed is 3.0 GHz. Both home and business users can use this notebook to perform their task.

  • FOUR – Storage capacity

    It has a hard disc space of up to 250GB. The options for hard driver are 200, 160, 120, 100 and 80GB SATA hard drives. The running speeds of these hard drives are 5400 or 7200 RPM. Using this storage space, users can store good collections of videos, movies, songs, photos, files, documents etc in their computer. Users are also provided with DVD/CD-RW.

  • THREE – Connectivity

    Connecting to the high speed network through PC is very important for every user. This is enabled in Sager NP9261 by the use of connectivity facilities such as Intel Wireless 4965AGN and Built-in Bluetooth. You can download, upload data such as video, songs, documents etc using this high speed connectivity facilities. This facility is useful for both business users and home users.

  • TWO – Multimedia

    Multimedia facilities are enabled in Sager NP9261 which are very useful for home users. The multimedia facilities include 17″ widescreen WUXGA (1920×1200) LCD Display, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX video card, 512MB DDR3 (per card) video memory, Integrated Digital 1.3 Megapixel WebCam etc. High storage space also support in these facilities. These facilities allow users for enjoying high definition videos, films, photos etc.

  • ONE –  Operating System

    The Operating System used in Sager NP9261 is Windows XP Home, Windows Professional or Windows Vista. These Operating Systems of Microsoft are simple, user friendly, have good interface and are useful for both advanced and basic users. Windows OS is made to support top connectivity, good multimedia facility, better security against external and internal attacks to your notebook etc to meet every user’s needs.

Sager NP9261 is a high performing notebook. It is efficient, high performing and has good connectivity and storage facility. This model is useful for home and business users.