Sager® NP9880 reviews

Product Review Summary

Sager NP9880 comes with a number of standard features to improve user productivity and convenience. It has been shipped with the Intel Pentium processor. This powerful processor is enabled with Intel’s virtualization technology and provides more than enough computing strength to perform complex office tasks. The Sager NP9880 comes with a 2.8GB memory. The memory could be upgraded to 4GB. Sager NP9880 has been equipped with a variety of utilities that keep your system safe and secure.


Sager NP9880 has impressive specifications and has many unique benefits to the user. It’s fast, and with the unique set of specifications it has, you never have to worry about stability and performance problems. You will love it if you’re a heavy gamer as it has got a graphics processor, NVIDIA 6800, for offering fine graphics and gaming performance.

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Sager NP9880 is a robust system capable of performing all business tasks. For offering an unrivalled system performance it has got Intel processor which operates at 3.8 GHz. The dual channel DDR2 memory in it is of 2GB and it is upgradable up to 4GB. The 17 inch WSXGA display of Sager NP9880 offers a fine resolution. The hard drive used for storage has a capacity of 120 GB. Full sized keyboard it in offers comfortable typing experience. For offering comfortable life it has got a lithium ion battery. Interfaces in it include Infrared communication, Parallel ports, USB ports, multifunction audio jacks etc. Connectivity is offered by Bluetooth and wireless LAN.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Processor

    Sager NP9880 features Intel Pentium processor which operates at 3.8 GHz for offering fine and smooth performance. Intel dual core processing in it would run two independent processor in one single package. The Intel Smart memory access in it would improve the system performance by optimizing available data bandwidth. This processor would offer a fine thermal and acoustic performance.

  • FOUR – Graphics processor

    For offering rich multimedia applications, Sager NP9880 has got integrated graphics NVIDIA GeForce 6800. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 graphics controller has got Direct X10 support and would offer high quality output for movies and games. The graphics controller features HD video processor and Hybrid power support. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 graphics controller would work only in Windows Vista. This graphics controller has got a core speed of 550MHz and a memory speed of 800MHz.

  • THREE – Hard disk

    The hard disk used for storage in Sager NP9880 has a storage capacity of 60 to 120GB and offers a fine rotation. With the help of this hard drive you could store your files, documents, programs and media in your PC without any worries. Then as the hard drive in Sager NP9880 is Serial SATA, it could transfer data at the rate 6 gigabits per second.

  • TWO – Display

    Displays are responsible for visualization. Without this display, you would not be able to understand whether your PC is giving the right output or not. The 17 inch display screen of Sager NP9880 has got a WXGA display. Then the super fine display screen offers a maximum resolution and has got a fine contrast ratio.

  • ONE –  Battery

    Battery is the electrochemical cells which supply power to your Sager NP9880.The lithium ion battery of Sager NP9880 would offer a comfortable life for it. The battery life of Sager NP9880 would vary depending on the factors like screen brightness, power management, battery conditioning etc.

Sager NP9880 would offer you high productivity. It is a good choice with almost all the features incorporated in it.