6 Tips to Guard Yourself Against Online Billing Scams

Online bill payment has simplified our lives by offering us options that are convenient, easy to use, and instant too. No matter where you’re, you can just log on to the Internet to pay your bills –no more standing for hours in long queues  and no more hassles of traveling to different locations just to pay the bill. A few taps on your device – smartphone, laptop, tablet – and you can pay your bill on the go. Cool, isn’t it? However, this ease of bill payment has a dark side as well! Bill scams are on the rise and you can be a victim too. iYogi Fraud Alerts strongly suggest that  you stay cautious while you are paying your bills online. Be careful even of the bill payment request that you have received as an email from your service provider. Follow the guidelines shared by iYogi here as guard against bogus billing scams.