iYogi Scam Alerts about Phone Scam threats

Apart from e-mails and online scams, phone scams have also become very common in the recent past. Such scams are designed to trick users into providing information which might help hackers gain control of the victim’s computer and aid in stealing sensitive information. Specifically trained callers are used for this purpose and they are very difficult to differentiate from genuine professionals calling on behalf of a company. iYogi has done research on this topic and released the latest iYogi scam alerts to provide users with information and tips to avoid such scams and the resulting data loss. Read More…

Greg Price

21 Mar, 2013

My aunt has once narrated me a story of similar phone scams. Her neighbor got actually trapped himself in one of such iPhone scam that lured him with buy a coupon of USD$200 for $20. Tell me who would not want to catch such lucrative bargain especially when the offer came to him as an exclusive privilege to his Gmail inbox. As he visited the link and gave his details, his PC was hacked the next day. He couldn’t do anything but saw his data and online accounts being compromised.

Kate Tagala

7 Feb, 2013

The amount of information available in iyogi scam alerts has saved many potential victims. Even I could have become a victim of phone scam. Fortunately, I knew about iyogi scam alerts. The people who call and try to deceive people are well-trained callers and it is extremely tough to differentiate them from the genuine callers.

Romain Briche

17 Jan, 2013

I was shocked to find out that I am still exposed to security threats, phishing and identity theft even when I have kinda moved to my Smartphone from my computer. Your iYogi alert article was greatly helpful and I have started following all the dos and don’ts of avoiding mobile phone scams rigorously. Keep posting.

Mark Hyatt

10 Jan, 2013

What Einstein told generations back is proving good today. Hackers can dupe only those who get lured by their fake offers…

Rebecca Berg

3 Jan, 2013

Phone scams have become very common. My mum used to get calls from different numbers offering her different lottery schemes. The phone calls had become so frequent that we had to raise a complaint. It was then that we got to know that the calls were coming from a group of scammers who try to con innocent people. The only advice is to keep your eyes open and check the details of every offer before accepting it.

Danielle Murby

26 Dec, 2012

Like Dennis, I also regularly follow iYogi scam alerts. They keep me informed about latest security threats and scams. I recommend iYogi scam alerts to everyone as they are very informative and give immense knowledge about latest scams and frauds.

Angeline Leabres

19 Dec, 2012

If you have any doubt about any kind of scam happening these days. iyogi scam alerts is the best place to look for. The content provides users with information and tips to avoid scams and the resulting data loss. Like Cortney McNair, I also received a call from some technician who was trying to convince me that my computer is infected with a virus. But I never took that call seriously. It was a scam call.

Molly Comforti

12 Dec, 2012

YOu need to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings around the Internet world to judge what’s good for you and what’s bad. You need not a computer genius to do so. Just keep on visiting sites like iyogi scam alert and that’s all. The site is very good when it comes to increase your awareness on latest scams making round around the web world. So, just keep on reading and stay alert!

Gummy bear

5 Dec, 2012

Got a call few days back. A lady detailed me a scheme and asked me to invest some money. She said that my money will double in 15 days. Since I was not sure of her, I asked her to call me back in 1 hour. I quickly called my friend and narrated the entire story. He advised me to stay away from this as this could be another scam. I was prepared with all kind of questions to check the authenticity of the scheme, but to my surprise I never got a call back from her… now I’m sure it was a scam. Thank god I’m saved…

Dennis Petrie

26 Nov, 2012

I am an avid reader of iyogi scam articles. They help me a lot in enriching myself with the various types of scams and frauds making rounds around the internet world. I have been spammed with a lots of such mails every other day, and it is just because of the eye-opening articles of iyogi that i am able to recognize that these are all spam mails. so, i just read the subject line and delete the message. Thanks iyogi for keeping me informed and safe from online threats.

Katie Bond

21 Nov, 2012

I got conned by an online shopping scam. A restaurant offered hundreds of dollars worth coupons for just $50. In order to purchase the coupons, I gave them my credit card details. Next say I got a message from my bank that $10,000 had been wired from my account. I had lodged a complaint, but nothing much has been done. Guys please beware of such sites. I wish I would have read iYogi scam alerts before…

Steven Cook

5 Nov, 2012

How piteous it is to know that if I am not an IT genius then I am a soft target of online tech support scam artists. There are people who are scheming evil plans to take advantage of our limited technical knowhow to dupe us with scam plans to steal PC login information, personal details and banking details and even spread malware to PCs. Thanks iYogi for keeping us updated of latest online scams.

Mickey Mutch

22 Oct, 2012

Once when I was driving my car to office, I received a call from some strange looking number on my cellphone. I just pullover and spoke to the guy on other hand. He was talking in a strange accent, and was trying to convince me in subscribing to their remote tech support services. I politely asked him the name of his company and asked him to call back after an hour or so. On reaching office I googled the name of that company. I was shocked to know that many people had received such calls, and some of them have even be duped by them. Later on when the guy called i just did not picked up the phone. iyogi is doing a nice thing by informing us about such phone scams. keep it up iyogi.

Mark Felts

31 Oct, 2012

I received a call from guy identifying himself as a technician from a reputed service provider. He said that we are running a test on our customers telephone lines. To do so he asked me to dial (nine) 9, zero (0), hash sign (#) and hang up. Luckily, i had read about such phone scams here on your site, i bluntly refused to follow his instructions. On contacting the telephone company, i was informed that by using 90# you end up giving the caller access to your telephone line. And he can place a long distance call, threatening call to anyone, etc. with the call charges reflecting on your bill. Later i came to know that such calls originate from local jails/prisons. I thanks a lot to iyogi for their information.

Papi Twizzy

17 Oct, 2012

I agree with Mike. Differentiating between scams and something that’s genuine has become very difficult. There’s just a thin line between them. I found iyogi scam alerts a good medium to get updated information about latest scams. Though I follow various other sites, this one is my personal favorite. Simple, concise, and useful information!

Cortney McNair

15 Oct, 2012

I got this call two weeks ago. The caller tried to fiddle around with my computer on the pretext that he was a technician… but since I was not sure, I kept talking to him to extract some more information… but even after 10 min, I was not sure of his intentions. So, I abruptly ended the call… 10 min later, I got a call again, but this time from a girl. I told her that I am busy and asked her to leave her number so that I can call back. Needless to say that free phone number did not exist. I was saved from being scammed…

Mike Moss

8 Oct, 2012

unless you are a computer geek, finding out what’s right and what’s wrong on the internet is really difficult…i am not a computer genius, so it becomes very difficult for me to differentiate between right and wrong.. but to increase my awareness on ongoing scams, i read iyogi scam articles. they give knowledge about different types of scams and fraud.

Timothy Clauws

4 Oct, 2012

Fantastic service… iyogi technician was well versed with all computer fundamentals… he gave me quick resolution to the problem.. However, the initial wait time was what bothered me the most… iyogi work on your response time, your tech support is excellent…

Greg Smith, Sheffield

28 Sep, 2012

I received a phone call yesterday saying that Microsoft has detected a dangerous virus in my PC and some other rubbish things like that. I never purchase anything over the phone. These scammers think that we don”t have brains!!!! I asked them my system”s IP address, host name and serial number, just to make sure that they hadn”t associated me with any other random system. They were just hung up!!!!! Just like I expected!!!!

Terry White, NY

25 Sep, 2012

I got a call from a tech support website stating that my computer was a hotbed for malware and that I needed to remove the infection before it infected the entire area. I gave the executive access to my system and he installed some kind of antivirus program and it asked money for registration. I do not know how to remove this. It has made my computer slow and almost impossible to work with. Please help!