iYogi Scam Alerts: Beware of domain name scam!

As the number of Internet users is increasing, domain name scams are now becoming more common. This type of scam involves fake sellers who persuade potential customers into paying for fake domains or domains that are already registered with other users. Those who carry out domain name scams usually ask people to buy domains within a short span of time.

Scammers cheat people in the name of providing identity to the business. They convince their customers into paying for the domains by offering them at a lower price thorough fake e-mail messages. iYogi has done a research on this issue and it has released ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’ that provide users with warnings and information on how they avoid falling prey to the domain name scam.

According to ‘iYogi Scam Alerts’, consumer must note down the expiry date of their domain names, should not opt any few company for domain name registration and renew domain name before its expires. Read more…

Johnny, Bristol

19 October, 2011

Beware while registering or renewing you domain name, you may fall prey to domain name scam. One of my friends got scammed.

Austin Julian, Miami

11 July, 2011

Hi Victor, you”re right. Domain Name ownership details and contact information are publicly available on the internet through something known as the WHOIS Database. And the scammers use this site to scam innocent people. My suggestion to the domain buyers is that always check the domain name before buying it. Don”t fall into this!!!

Randy, Florida

20 May, 2011

Couldn”t spot the difference
I was scammed recently while I was renewing my domain name; the fraudsters had such an authentic-lookin website !! an exact replica of my domain service provider… wonder how these guys manage to do it!!!

Victor Young, Greensboro

06 May, 2011

Hi Cleo, you can”t be sure just by checking with domain registration websites. What domain scammers do is find out which domains have expired and then use such domains to scam people. As domains expire, websites would show that they are available but actually, the owner would have requested for renewal. The best way is to contact a genuine domain registration firm and purchase the domain through them.

Cleo Thompson, Delaware

04 May, 2011

Paid the price for not cross-checking properly
Last week, my store decided to go online and we wanted a domain. I was going through some websites that offered domains and this one website caught my attention. It was providing domain names at very low prices and the domain names were extremely good!! I bought two of them using my credit card and the website wanted a 48-hour time period to process my request. After a couple of days when I checked, I saw that the domains that I had bought were already in use!! I was scammed because I did not check the domains before purchasing them.