Beware of scammers on your social media profile!

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, Friendster… the list of social networking sites is endless! How frequently do you access these profiles?

While more and more people are becoming active on social media profiles,  cyber criminals too have also come up with newer ways to dupe you and trap you into social media scams. Social media scammers have devised some really scientific and innovative ways to steal from you – your money and identity; the commonest type is money grab. They befriend you for some time and exploit you psychologically and emotionally and then ask for help in the form of cash, only to disappear after they have received it. Beware of such requests and think before you act.

Just be alert when you see anything abnormal on your social profile. Never share your personal details, account details or password with anyone. Change your password frequently and use one that is impossible to crack. Never wire money to an unknown person; this may be grounds to cheat on you.

There’s no harm to being active on social media; but the key is to stay alert and stay smart. Learn more about these frauds and scams here.